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  1. Yo folks, I snagged this 89 S10 Blazer from my uncle and I've been trying to get her running for a couple of days now, I'm not a Chevy or GM guy so bare with me. I saw her running about 2-4 months ago so I'm guessing nothing too bad is going on. I ran the VIN and she's a 4.3 V6 with a TBI She has some wiring issues because my uncle got to modding her and he never saw it through. Replaced spark plugs, wires, Fuel Tank, fuel pump and fuel filter. Got her to cranking (didn't when I got her) but she won't go past that, I'm guessing the fuel pump isn't sending in any fuel because I don't hear it when I turn on the ignition, so maybe ill check the fuse (don't know where it is, or if there's a underhood fuse somewhere) Also the air filter is non existent, don't have a photo but there's no hosting on the TBI and the plastic hose for the air filter is ripped off, like a dog ripped it off or something. I plan to run an edlebrock air cleaner on her though. Which brings me to the next thing What's this hole for? I don't think it's the PVC valve because that's on the other valve cover, maybe for the air filter? That's about all I have now. I'm pretty sure Im probably gonna be wrong on some stuff since I'm basically going in blind so feel free to help a guy out, also I'll try to post some pics of the engine Tomorrow. Sent from my SM-A716U using Tapatalk
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