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  1. My 2015 Silverado has random issue with touchscreen. While driving the screen will change on its own and sometimes not change back and touch will not work. Is this a issue with the touchscreen or a module. It is very annoying and doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes it will even effect the info center in dash. What it does is it will switch from radio screen to list of channels and sometimes switch to clock screen. Don't want to go to aftermarket as I like the features of MyLink and screen size. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Just updating truck issue. Found the rattle not tranny, or anything associated with tranny. Spun rod or main not good at all.
  3. AFM/DOD turned back on still does it a little not as loud. I am at a loss.
  4. Took both valve covers off after running truck and rattle started nothing loose no rocker play everything is tight. Just talked to tranny guy he said he can turn AFM back on. Also said he talked to a gm mechanic friend and he said it is the AFM/DOD will see.
  5. I’m going to drive to get warm today and pull valve covers and see if there is anything loose if not going to tranny guy. I just want to make sure before getting charged to pull tranny and flexplate is good
  6. No tube just turned off AFM and adjusted tire size.
  7. Question I'm old school Chevy and Ford these new LS's are greek to me with all the AFM/DOD stuff. If it was a lifter would it not do it all the time not just sporadically and some times not at all. Just drove 15 miles home on freeway and nothing at highway speeds no miss or anything. Get close to home and pull into farm and right before parking it starts it. Had wife rev motor up and I swear it sounds like it is coming from underneath. But not 100% but pretty sure.
  8. Some extra info just drove about 10 miles on freeway no noise at all got off highway and went about 6 blocks and turned and here it is. At idle no noise but rev up to about 2000 rpm there it is.
  9. Will do if he can he thinks because he did it on gm platform that its deleted it in computer but not sure.
  10. First converter after rebuild came on done so took back and had tranny checked over and upgraded to a billet converter. Not using a tuner tranny guy used his computer to set tire size and tranny perimeters so not to be piggy backing with a speed calibrator. Power is great from start and through all gears. Doesn’t always do it under load some times when slowing down.
  11. Have tried and that is the problem it doesnt always do it and when it does it sounds like it is on bottom near bellhousing but could just be carrying from somewhere else.
  12. Just checked converter bolts all right and didn’t see any cracks on flexplate. Really confused on what the rattle is as if it was lifter would think it would do it all the time and have no idea about injection pump. I did look at vacuum pump and didn’t see any signs of leaks or issues with it.
  13. Will check that could possibly be either for sure.
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