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  1. Anyone have a Vector file for the All Terrain Logo? looking to make something Custom for my truck.
  2. Why not revive an old thread with some beautiful trucks in it. I just bought my 2015 SLE All Terrain in Sonoma Red Metallic back in July. 43K miles, one owner truck. Only issue ive found is a vibration around 75-82 mph, and a clunk or creaking noise in the rear at low speeds over bumps and even if i push on the wheel while its sitting in the driveway. Added a Bakflip G2 and an Airaid MIT so far, Looking forward to adding some 5100 or 6112 Shocks, 275/60s and some running boards for now. And yes, it will be used liek a truck, but ill take as good of care of it as possible. Needs the 45K miles service now, should get it done in the next week or two, its not a daily, i have a 2014 Cruze for that.
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