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  1. good to hear! I am very happy with them when they aren't warped lol The dealer machined them and told me it shouldn't happen again... soooo... I guess I am just going to go with that heh
  2. I was going for increased braking capability when towing... sounds reasonable enough for 2500
  3. I can put a nail in this: 2020 Sierra AT4 3.0 w/performance brake upgrade Currently at dealership being told new shake we were feeling was warped rotors. Tech says the material of the rotor is to blame. They are going to file them down once and if it happens again they will replace them... with the same rotors :very mad face: Dont get em, not worth it Any advice on how to proceed with dealer?
  4. We did the 3.0 for towing efficiency and the AT4 for the stock lift. Def don’t regret the decision as the 6.2 was so jerky. The 3.0 is nice and steady and QUIET as all get out! I did do the brake upgrade which got me the 20” wheels, which is a silly thing for an “off road” truck, but let’s be honest, I won’t be rock crawling with this thing, just getting my toys to the rock crawling! ?
  5. ARE Z2 with all the fixings. Lost the bed cam and rear-view cam, but overall VERY happy! The next fight is going to be to get the ****ing dealer to install the remote locks.
  6. I have goodyears...they're meh but I'm still breaking the truck in (<300 mi) I feel silly for having 20" rims on an "off-road" truck but the brake upgrade is def worth it. (omg this is a vanilla forum, I can't even say ******!
  7. happy to own a new AT4 3.0! the mirrors are f'in glorious lol
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