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  1. @Tjeli @econometrics @Transient OK I finally got a chance to snap a quick video today of a cold start with the exhaust. Part number is above but this is the exhaust I ordered from and installed at the dealer prior to taking the truck home. It came in a Borla box with a Borla stamped muffler and tips. I’m assuming this is just a Borla Touring with a GM part number? Growing more confused the more I dig in to this.
  2. Thanks @Transient and @econometrics for the clarification. Yes, my intent was to purchase the GMPE as an option from the factory. The closest match for inventory of a truck that had the Performance Package was 350 miles away. I was already planning multiple modifications so I went with one similarly equipped in inventory locally only without the GMPE and planned to add it afterwards. The link that @Transient posted was unavailable, or not even listed a being a possibility for the 6.2 GMC to be added at the dealership. Strangely, there was one similar to the one @Transient posted, but only available for the 5.3. The one I posted (by Borla) was the only one available for the 6.2 that I could order (through GM). The muffler itself is stamped Borla as well as the tips. That being said, a neighbor also has a 2020 AT4 that came from the factory with the GMPE and CAI. I've heard them separately and they both sound very similar, however now I'm inclined to go down the road, park the trucks next to each other and get a true comparison between the two. FWIW, I do believe the one I have is simply a Borla Touring with a GM part number.
  3. Here’s the GM part number and link to what I ordered from the dealer. If you get it as an option from the factory it comes with the standard tips. For the 6.2 the only option of you install it after delivery is quad tips: Performance Exhaust Upgrade - GM Part #19419433 https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-performance-exhaust-upgrade-19419433/?c=Zz1wZXJmb3JtYW5jZSZzPWV4aGF1c3QmYT1nbWMmbz1zaWVycmEtMTUwMCZ5PTIwMjAmdD1hdDQmZT02LTJsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D
  4. Pretty sure the GMPE and the Borla Touring are exactly the same. Regardless I love my GMPE. Growls to life on a cold start but isn't going to wake the neighbors. My daughter tells me she likes it when she hears me start the truck from inside the house and knows when I'm leaving for work in the mornings. It turns heads when starting it via remote start in a parking lot but doesn't look silly when a middle aged dad like me climbs behind the wheel. Let's me know it is there when I step on the gas but didn't bother me on a 7 hour drive down the interstate. I also love the look of the quad tips.
  5. I had the dealer install the GMPE and CAI. The GMPE came in a Borla box. See below:
  6. For some reason it won't let me upload the picture with 285/60R20's on 10" (-19) with the flares that rubbed badly but you can see the pic in my thread on "AT4 Step by Step modifications"
  7. This is with 10" (-19 offset) and 305/55R20. Also this is without the fender flares which come out an extra inch or two. This setup rubbed slightly according to the dealership. I didn't get to see it in person. Once the flares were installed it rubbed badly.
  8. I was able to see the truck with both the 10" and the 9" wheels and there really wasn't all that much of a difference. Let me go and look for some pictures. I think I have pic's of both. I will also try to take some from in front and behind with the 9" to show how they tuck.
  9. Part of my rubbing problem might have been the fender flares. I don’t think it rubbed as bad with the factory flares and mud flaps.
  10. I have the same setup. 305/55R20 on 9" (+2) wheels on ReadyLift SST. No rubbing. We tried 10" (-19) wheels and had rubbing on the fender flare with both 305/55R20 and 285/60R20 tires. Changed to 9" (+2) which brought the wheels in slightly and no rub at all.
  11. 2020 AT4. Ready Lift SST 2" leveling kit with the 3" block in the rear. Fuel Contra 9" (+2) wheels and NItto Ridge Grapplers 305/55R20. No rubbing.
  12. Finally got around to taking pictures once I brought the truck home. Here she is with the 9" (+2) wheels and 305/55R20 tires. Very happy with how everything turned out.
  13. Does anyone know if the Bakflip CS rails will fit with the GM Rev Cover? I just purchased a 2020 AT4 and got the REV cover from the dealer. I'd like to be able to take long trips where I store luggage under the cover and store kayaks and SUP boards on the rails of a rack system above the cover while towing a boat. I had assumed their were plenty of options for rack systems above a Tonneau cover and am just now realizing that they are few and far between. Worried I may have made a mistake.
  14. The leveling kit lifts the front end two additional inches and replaces the 2" block in the rear with a 3" block. According to ReadyLift it will allow for 305/55R20 tires on 9" zero offset wheels. The parts manager felt we should try the 10" wheels with -19 offset to bring the tires out and fill the wheel well under the fender flares. Turns out the extra offset caused the rubbing. Hopefully the 9" wheels with +2 offset will bring the tires in enough to clear the fender flares.
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