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  1. Sorry for the delay guys , it was my starter. Thanks for everything
  2. Video after new battery install( it did crank for the rest crank with no problem which was before this video as stated in my above post) https://imgur.com/gallery/Ws69otY
  3. Hey I’m back, I bought a battery got the platinum one , the test crank it cranked up fine , I let it run for a couple of minutes and turn it off to see would it crank back up, so I turned it off and tried to crank it and i got the starter spinning sound. Tried it a few more times and nothing no crank still, I popped the hood just to give it a look for maybe 30 secs went back in my truck to try once again before I came in for the night and it cranked. So I’ll just try in the AM to see if It will crank. I also have a video
  4. Thanks will do, gonna go home and remove it and take it to the nearest autozone. Hopefully it has enough juice for them to test it
  5. Thanks for the hospitality, this is my first truck and I’m trying to learn everything I can about it. Sorry for the long post. I didn’t wanna leave out any details. So I should get my battery tested ? The starter whistling isn’t a problem?
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/oomq2K9 my video of me trying to crank it this morning
  7. Good morning , two days ago when I was leaving work to start my truck. I got this whine or squeaking sound when I turned the key over to start my truck it just whines until I turned it off, tried it again a few seconds later the same thing, I turned it off again, tried to crank it once again and it did crank this time. I’ve never heard this noise before so I did some research and all I kept getting was transmission whining information. This was not a transmission whine. I did more research and found a video. I can post it down later in the comments but I’m the video this guy took his starter to autozone to get tested and as they were testing it. It made the exactly same whine or squeak or whistle as my truck had made. So now I know that weird sound is my starter. Did some more research. That sound is the starter not engaging with the flywheel or pinwheel (plz correct me if I’m wrong) so yesterday morning it cranked up fine, I sat in my truck for maybe 5 mins like every morning and headed to the gas station to get my cup of coffee, turned off my truck , go get my coffee, tried to fire my truck up and it wouldn’t start, no squeak no whistle or no cry from what I know now to be my starter. I wiggle a few cables on my battery, good connections, no visible corrosion, I even had someone say, that battery looks pretty new. I’ve had the truck for almost 2 years now , never changed the battery . Year is 2014 so yeah I called my sister for a jump start and it took five minutes and I was back running. It was pretty early like 7 am on a Sunday Autozone nor Walmart tire center was open so I went back home and tried to wait it out until one of them opened , I went to start my truck and it crank but it seemed pretty weak, i did that maybe 6 times and I said F it let me go to work. I went to work, lunch break I got a small whistle from the start but it cranked went to the store and back...after work I had the same thing started cried one the first turn but it did crank the second turn with no cry from the starter. Made it home did more research and went to bed, this morning I went out to go to work and no crank few clicks , I tried maybe 4 times then I took a video. i will post the YouTube video with time stamp as well as my video I recorded this morning after trying to crank it. Can someone point me in the right direction. PS Happy Holidays
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