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  1. Hello all. My nephew just purchased a 2015 2500HD regular cab work truck, gas 6.0, 4x4, 8 foot bed to use to carry a 2,000 pound truck camper. I am helping him get this set up and deal with some issues. First of all, I am assuming from the name of this forum, that 2015 - 2019 are the compatible model years. He needs a receiver type hitch and also wants a slider rear window. Since he has the regular cab 2 door, if he could find it at the salvage yard, would the rear window from other models fit. Also, is this something you could do yourself. It seems to me it would be easier and less technical than a windshield which I would be reluctant to tackle. Also, as far as the hitch, what years and models would be compatible. Sorry if these questions are kind of dumb and/or unclear. Thanks for any help. Raleigh.
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