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  1. Does anybody know if this Greenstone Metallic color is similar to the GMC Denali Hunter Metallic color?
  2. Thanks for sharing...one would think we would have more color options with these trucks being so expensive. Crazy!
  3. I'm looking at the Silverado High Country.  Looks like I'll just wait and see if they bring the gray back for 2022. Out of curiosity, I'll look at that Dark Sky Metallic in the GMC. Thanks 

  4. Is it true that GM is discontinuing the Shadow Gray Metallic color for the 2021 Silverado HD's? What a disappointment...is their a chance they would bring it back during the mid-year?
  5. Please keep the steering column shifter in the Silverado’s. It’s in a perfect position in the column, as it doesn’t take up space and convenient shifting while trailering.
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