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  1. I've got the mirrors you are looking for with black caps. Camera's, blind spot, power folding, lights. I'm looking for the factory installed tow mirrors with all those functions. i'm willing to trade mine for those if you still have them.
  2. I just came back from the dealer to ask if they've done this install and to check what their price was. They said, on another 2020 AT4 Sierra but like my truck, they have tried and could not install the passenger side. None of the functions work. On that "ShopChevyParts" site listed above, it actually states the mirrors are manual extend and fold. Also, like the parts guy said, it states my mirrors seem to have code DEZ and the mirrors are not compatible. Yet, I seem to read on here that someone has installed these mirrors with all power functions working on the '20 AT4 Sierra. I'm
  3. Been dealing with this issue since week two of owning the truck. 2020 GMC AT4, 6.2. Nice truck but I am getting frustrated with it. Apparently there is now a class action suit arising out of the middle district of Florida. May be worthwhile keeping an eye on this one. Truck has been with dealer for 2 days. I picked it up tonight...they told me a video module in back of the rear seat needs replacement and they've ordered it. But who knows when it will be in. In the meantime, rebooting and freezing up is the order of the day. This video module is what another member on page
  4. I installed the LIteRider from Access tonneau covers. US made and I've installed one version or another on 4 trucks I've had. Easy installation though time consuming. There is drilling involved on the CarbonPro, but with their guide piece its fairly easy. Free shipping and I lost one of the U-Nuts. Called them and Access sent me a bag full of new installation parts.
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