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  1. Yes the old iron block 5.3L Vortec was ok and a better choice over the base(4.6L iirc?) at the time. I've read about the present aluminum block Ecotec3 5.3L version being more powerful. My '06 was 4WD so it likely dropped the tow capacity down a bit due to added weight . It had the HD Trailer Tow pkg. Not sure if that actually adds weight or not, or is a wash for the tow capacity. I'd imagine the same with the AT4 being 4WD that they drop it down a bit from a 6.2L base rig in 2WD. The 6.2 is likely a bit heavier than the 5.3 but probably not too much. Is yours 4WD? If so then maybe as you said the GMC flavor may be a few hundred pounds heavier and they have to drop the tow rating to compensate. Rich
  2. It's the AT4... 6.2L gas with 10 speed. Pulls like a dream. Trailer weighs only around 4,000 lbs plus the water tank was full, so maybe 4400 or so, but when we go off fully loaded with stuff it'll likely be around 5k. No Gray or Black water in it when I test drove my setup after they delivered it. The trailer rating for the truck is 9,200 lbs. I have a load leveling hitch setup and set it so the truck is within about 1/4" or so from the unloaded level position. No squatting. IIRC when I first connected up it only squatted about 1 1/2" at the rear bumper which surprised me. After I set the torsion bars to raise it it came right into it and leveled off nicely. I had a '06 Silverado(5.3L, 4 Spd auto) for 15 years and towed my 23' Continental enclosed car trailer(cars were about 3,500 lbs, total about 7,000 lbs) and it always struggled and I always had to drive in D3. The '06 was rated about 7,500 so I was using all of it. Night and day between the 2. That's why I upgraded to the 6.2L, knowing I'd be better off, but didn't want to go the HD 2500 route or get into a diesel. Rich PS the last 3 photos..... I had 23 bags of bark mulch loaded in the bed when I took those photos. I was amazed how it held up. When I drove back from HD all loaded up it felt great. Amazing truck.
  3. Ready for some travelling soon. Forest RIver Salem Cruise Lite 17'. Added the GM trailer camera system too. A few camera views here..... Default view from side mirrors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhMS11KDJQU Transparent Trailer Cam view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiTgTIGAqFw
  4. Haven't..... but doesn't mean it hasn't to others. Did you try repeated on-offs and wait to retries? Regardless, you need that update to correct related radio issues so it may be best to have your dealer do it so there's a record of the fault. They can also diagnose the wheel button functions as well, if it persists. Please let us know what happens. Rich
  5. Update... Wednesday I setup an appointment for 1st oil/rotate and to address and record the radio sound issue I had, and the HUD display loss, both of which were only once. A new oddity had been occurring too when XM would just cut out on engine start. It would display "acquiring signal" but never would in known good signal areas. The XM "acquiring signal" fault had continued intermittently over the last week. Continued "resets" by power off/on or engine off/on would not correct. Typically after a few hours of rest and restarts, XM would return. Ironically GM-Trucks.com sent me a email Weds night and included this..... GM Releases Significant Over The Air Update For 2020 Silverado/Sierra & Other Vehicles When I arrived yesterday morning for the service I told the Service Manager about the update. He said he hadn't received it yet and even mentioned...."We often find out last..." I gave him the Update Ref#, 20-NA-199. The update includes s/w corrections to both the radio/display and the XM "acquiring signal" issue. The Service tech applied this 20-NA-199 update to mine. Everything fine so far and will update if any issues. Rich
  6. My 'just acquired 20 AT4 after 3k miles just did that... No radio/GPS lady sound after sub freezing temps Saturday morning. Just started out long drive back south. Disappointed, but..... Then after a while sound returned. Very strange. At first I thought maybe a built in delay due to low temperature but not sensible to engineer that in vehicles that reside in cold climates. It must be a hw or sw fault, albeit intermittent. Then after another stop and restart, the HUD disappeared. Later after another shut down and restart, HUD display reappeared. Drove 1500 miles more and neither the radio/GPS lady sound or the HUD malfunctioned. All ok. Appt will be setup at dealer to see if they can get any failure codes or if a TSB exists. Need 1st oil change after 4k miles in 3 weeks anyway. Oil life around 25% but I want it done now. Truck was awesome for the trip. Sadly for family illness needs, but all ok now. I'll follow up with info. Rich
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