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  1. I still do not understand “catch can” what is it, and why would you think you need it. I’ve drove GM products ever since I’ve been driving, never heard the term catch can, most of my GM vehicles were pickups, probably the best one I ever had was my 1996 Chevy 1 ton dully with the 454 motor, pulling a fairly large fifth wheel(over 12,000 lbs) , pulled it all over this USA I got 12 mpg whether I was pulling or just running dry, I even used it as my daily driver, I never experienced any oil leakage or plug problems, it wasn’t direct injection but was enjected thru throttle body, I drove this truck to at least 185,000 miles, sold it to a lady in Texas and she had it tore. Down and completely checked by a GM mechanic, he told her who ever owned this truck took very good care of it, he found no, or very little wear in the cylinder area, and crank shaft, and cam area, said it was like new inside, like it said no oil leakage or blow by anywhere. So I don’t know the term catch can
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