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  1. I've heard both ways on flushing the trans, so i dont know which way is correct. Guess I will spend $200 and find out.
  2. Thanks. Dealer told me he didnt know if that would fix it or not. He might have been just trying to upsale me. But it is $200 to flush and I get my truck back today or $2000 to replace TC and I am down a ride for a few days. I am willing to gamble $200.
  3. Question for the brain trust. Just dropped off my 2014 Silverado with 133k miles on it for a torque converter shudder that it developed 2 weeks ago. The service writer just called me and gave me 3 options, 1)replace transmission 2)replace torque converter 3)system flush and fill. He said with the mileage that is on the truck that the flush and fill might not fix it and the wants to put TC in it at least. I chose to go with option 3 as all the stuff I have looked up says that is the most common fix for the shudder. What do you guys think?
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