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  1. I have a 2019 Sierra SLE (new Gen.) with 9k miles on it. Have the same shuddering/jerking issues with their 8 speed tranny as everybody else Had the tranny fluid replaced and flushed... problem is still there. Brought to service a 5th time, looks like the torque-converter is the next thing they'll be replacing. Did you notice any change if and when you had torque converter replaced?
  2. 2019 Sierra SLE (new Gen.) with 9k miles on it. Had nothing but pain with their 8 speed tranny. Had the tranny fluid replaced, flushed and the shuddering/jerking issue is still there. Brought to service a 5th time, looks like the torque-converter is the next thing they'll be replacing. Somehow I doubt that will fix the problem...
  3. The problem I experience feels like the tranny is slipping/stumble at light acceleration (around 40-50 km/h). My local GM service department claims they couldn't duplicate the issue and instead they found a vibration problem at those same speeds (I assuming they classify my slipping/stumble issue as a vibration problem.. whatever). Now, according to that same GM dealer, I need to remove that shim and the 3" block that's currently there, and put a factory 1" block. I've just looked at another 2019 Sierra SLE, and a 2019 Silverado Custom (both new Gen.), neither of these trucks have factory blocks installed. Instead, they have factory shims installed with the large end pointing toward the front. What I dont understand is why would they try to convince me removing the shim and putting a factory block in there? Its obvious to me that the new Gen Base, SLE and Elevation trim level models come with factory shims and no blocks installed what so ever..
  4. At this point, I'll be removing the leveling kit completely and returning the truck to its stock state. The picture above shows what is currently happening, and the dealer states that the shims and the blocks are installed 180 degrees incorrectly. Now to complicate things further, I just got of the phone with the dealer... to return the truck to its stock state, the shims are to be removed completely and factory 1.5" blocks are to be put instead of the 3" blocks. I was under the impression that those are factory shims and had no idea the truck even had factory 1.5" blocks. I called the shop where the leveling kit was installed, they confirmed that those shims were already there when I first came in and no factory 1.5" blocks were installed at the time. I tried to look it up online, to see whether or not 2019 SLEs (new gen) come factory shims and/or factory 1.5" blocks, No luck so far. *The leveling kit originally installed is a KSP 3" leveling kit. No shims included in the original package. A mystery...
  5. Hello everyone, I will try to keep it accurate and concise. I had my truck serviced at the dealership, the service department claims they found that the rear shims and blocks were installed 180 degrees incorrectly (the small end towards the front) Later I had the shop where I originally had my lift kit installed taking a look at the 'problem', they claim they had nothing to do with the shims being installed incorrectly. At this point I'll be removing the blocks and my question is: Should the big end of the shim be facing the front of the truck? (Picture taken from the rear-passenger side)
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