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  1. This happened to me on my 2017 too at 34k miles but out of 3 year warranty. I had one injector gone. Dealership told me to replace all 8 straight away as it would happen again so I did (after reading about it on here it popped up a couple of times if all of them didn’t go). Been running ok now for a few thousand miles. Ended up costing me around $2.2k. Are you of those emissions States that followed California in emissions regs? If so you might be able to have it done free.
  2. I tried last year when my fuel injectors went. I was over the 3 year warranty (Was in my 3rd year) but under the 36k miles. My argument was if I was in another state there was a service bulletin/recall for the problem, that the injectors should have been apart of my drivetrain warranty (apparently not case...) and that I was under 36k. Spent weeks on the phone to GM and got a $100 service voucher & it was the most infuriating experience i have had with any customer service. I would have had a better experience if they just told me no sorry in my first phone call. I was looking at getting a brand new Denali but not after GM treated me like that. I'll be going F150 or Ram next.
  3. I have yet another problem with my truck I bought about 18 months ago (This is after all new injectors, brakes, steering roof seal, touch screen) - https://youtu.be/W2Jmk5k8_EM It seems to squeak more when I turn the wheel to the right and it gets faster depending on the trucks speed (And sometimes disappears when going fast). Truck is a completely stock 2017 All Terrain. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Hoping it won't be another huge outlay.... Thanks!
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