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  1. 3 is head lamp left, will send power to the AVS light all the time.
  2. Color matched on my Custom Trail Boss. Micro 2 tapped into 3 on fuse box. On all the time.
  3. All done. Hardest part was deciding where to drill to mount resisters and relay units. Quite a bit of space below the headlights so I used that area to mount.
  4. Thanks! Spent a few hours and was only able to get the grille and passenger headlight out. So far no broken parts lol. Saw a couple videos on the web regarding headlight removal and your guys post were all extremely helpful. I didn't have to remove the panel filler on the sides of the front bumper since I was able to reach one of the headlight bolts using a ratcheting wrench. Next to the inner part of the headlights are gaskets that are secured to the front frame with Christmas tree rivets which need to be removed otherwise sliding out the light would be difficult. Will try and upload pictures of gasket. Ran out of time so it's back in the garage waiting for tomorrow morning when I can hopefully complete the front conversion.
  5. Nice truck FlatBlack! Did you end up mounting the resisters on the metal frame? Instructions from Gen5DIY states it’ll help with keeping temps down. My Grill should arrive by tomorrow and I’ve also got the illuminating bow which also uses the female to male plug n for the headlamp wonder if that will cause any issues. I will be starting the front end conversion this Saturday if the final piece arrived tomorrow.
  6. I have a 2020 Custom TB and am doing a headlamp conversion as well. I've received my harness from Gen5DIY and should receive HC headlamps, TB grille before end of Dec. I was in communication with Gen5DIY for over a month or so and they answered all of my questions helping me to find what will work for me. Will be adding pictures soon and let you all know how that process goes and any feedback I may have.
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