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  1. Sounds like mine...did you find a fix..it happens every time i accelerate and most noticable when maintaining a cruising speed and lightly pressing throttle happens louder in v4 but continues into v8 only stops when releasing throttle...not impressed
  2. Well whats the update is it gone now wirh new fuel pump
  3. Have you found anything. Thats the exact same issue i have only in drive under light throttle. I have recently swithed from 87 to 91 octane and for some reason hasnt made any noise since then 2 weeks of no ticking. Strange
  4. 2018 same noise as described above...only ticks on throttle and can be heard in v4 or v8 just a different tone what was the fix the steering boot or air leak in cat?
  5. Can you describe the sound...does it sound like a granfather clock ticking every 1.5 second underneath driver side door..mine makes that noise dealer said its fuel pump and is normal...doesnt sound normal to me but has done it since brand new
  6. Any fix? Mines a 2018 5.3 and when in v4 mode with slight acceleration sounds like a card in a bikes spokes as we did as kids sort of flapping...also does it when it kicks into v8 but not as loud
  7. I have been experiencing a metallic rattling noise coming from behind or around the cluster area.i have also found the knee bolster bolts loose numerous times as well as other rattling ticks from that area. I have duct taped the clips zip tied anything that moves and wedged foam padding in any area possible and have fixed those noises...but one still remains, just not sure if im confident enough to start taking apart the dash. Any suggestions? It sounds like it could be a loose screw sounds very similar to the 4 knee bolster bolts. Dealership said they couldnt hear anything. I am sure its behind that area because when i put pressure on the clear plastic cluster it stops but defintely sounds from behind...edit- found 2-7mill bolts loose same as knee bolster bolts behind gauge cluster they were more than an 8th of an inch loose..spent an entire year with this and was an easy fix didnt have to unplug gauges
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