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  1. I have a 3 week old 2021 Acadia (appt with dealer on the 18th). Last week it started doing an odd thing that I can repeat. With the doors unlocked, I open any door from the outside and the second the handle is cracked all doors LOCK. When it started doing it, I was just getting something from inside of it and didn't catch it until I had reclosed the door from the outside. The keyless entry button does not unlock them, so I have to use the fob. If I catch it before I close the door while standing outside the car, I can unlock with the unlock button on the inside of the door. I have played with every setting and there isn't one that I see for the option of LOCKING the doors when cracking the handle to enter the vehicle. Not sure why you would even want that as an option. Any idea on why this started doing this and how to fix it? The 18th is a long way away. LOL
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