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  1. Yesterday was my first time driving my truck in snow and my wiper blades froze to the windshield. It wasn't snowing real hard, and it's garage kept, so I started with a clean windshield. The whole defroster and wiper design is terrible. The defroster vent sits high on the dashboard, so it misses the lower few inches. But then the wipers sit so low on the windshield that it is actually below where the windshield and dashboard meet. So even if the defroster did blow lower, the dashboard still blocks the air from getting down there. There is no way I see to heat that part of the windshield or the wipers. You can see it in the pic. Luckily I was close to home, but I would think on a longer trip the only way to take care of it would be to pull over and spray de-icer on it or clear it by hand. But even when it did come free, the wipers worked for crap because they were frozen solid. The only other thing I can think of is installing some kind of defogger strips like the rear windows have, but I don't see anything like that online. I felt it was such a safety issue I filed a complaint with NHTSA. Anyone else have any experience with this and any fixes. My first oil change is coming up so I will be seeing what the dealer says, but I don't see anything they'd be able to do, it the design of the truck that sucks.
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