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  1. I have a 2018 1500 CC Z-71, just put leveling shocks and 275/70/18 BFG KO2's..What air pressure is everyone running in these?
  2. I am trying to find the correct part # for adding the Home-Link system to my 2018 1500...Is it part number 84391067? I have tried searching the forums put can't get an exact answer, some are saying its a little different than factory, they have extra wires, etc. Has anyone done a swap for 2018 1500?
  3. I am looking to buy a new 2016 LTZ Tahoe if I can get the price right with all the discounts and rebates. I have a choice between two, one with the max trailing package and one without, The max trailing has 3.42 gears, will the other is the standard 3.08. The fuel mileage sticker is the same, but it seems to me the 3.42 would get less gas mileage. I am never going to tow anything with it, just wondering if the 3.42 would be better for acceleration, etc. Any real world experience between the 2 on the new Tahoe?
  4. My solution is very simple to the argument, but our society doesn't like simple solutions. I don't like the monolithic look on the 16/17 Chevrolet Z-71's, but some people love it. BUT GM should give the buyer a choice, they can buy a Chrome Grills and Bumper Z-71 or a Body colored Grills and Bumper Z-71. It would not cost GM any more money, some trucks would come off the line with the LT grills and Bumpers and some painted. That way everyone is happy with their 50K truck!!
  5. I am just not a GMC person lol...Been driving Chevrolet Z-71's for 20 years. They should offer the mono look as separate package, they look almost cartoonish.
  6. Any ideas on the 2017 1500 Z-71's? when will the specs be leaked out? Are they going to stick with the monochromatic front ends and rear bumpers? I realize some buyers like this, but I hate it. I wish they would offer the monochromatic look as a separate appearance package, that way I can get a Z-71 crew cab with Chrome Grill and Bumpers like a real truck should look.
  7. Hey Guys I am looking to buy a 2013 Equinox LTZ with the V-6...Any Opinions?..I don't like the traverses, Can't see sinking 50K into a Tahoe with the body style changing in the spring/summer. Thoughts?
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