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  1. Actually no. I tied in After the filter, between the filter (new filter) and throttle body. Reason was, that's a rubber line shielded with a cable wrap. Between the filter, and tank/pump is stainless tubing and too much trouble. I'm aware of the specs that's why it's so baffling. This morning I plugged off the return line completely and with the truck RUNNING, pump only puts out 19PSI. Remember the pump puts out about 30 PSI with the engine not running and deadheaded into a closed valve. So at idle, the injectors are sucking up 10 lbs. worth. When I put a load on, goes down to 2-3 lbs. Let up
  2. 1988 k1500TBI. This old goodie was sitting on a deer lease for 2 years with a busted block. Bought it, drug it home, and put a junk yard engine in it, I think a '93 350. Rebuilt the TBI ( the original TBI off the '88), new fuel injectors, regulator, new fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, pretty standard stuff. Fired right up and runs great at idle. Get on the road and it craps out within 100 yards of the drive way. Have to limp it home at idle. Put MAP sensor, IAC valve, O2 sensor, water temp sensor. Still no go. Finally got around to checking fuel pressure. Cut line downstream
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