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  1. I’ve read a ton of stuff online but I don’t feel like I’ve actually figured out what I need to do. I’m a novice but I can usually figure things out as I go. I just replaced 4 door speakers with 6.75 Rockford punch 60 RMS and put Memphis 2.75” in the dash with bass blockers. It seems like the dash overpowers everything else and when I fade it rear it sounds off. I’m thinking I need to amplify my radio but I don’t want to amplify the dash. I read this could help decrease the chime issues but it also seems like it might balance the overly loud dash speakers. The problem is that I’m a rookie and I
  2. Crutchfield included wire harnesses for the door speakers in my order. I have talked to them for help but they give me different answers every time. I’m starting to regret getting talked into component speakers. I thought it was Just going to be replacing speakers, not running wires from the door to the dash. That sounds like a hassle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’ve read a bunch of posts but I’m still unsure. If I buy component speakers such as Rockford P-1675-S. They come with the big 6.75 that goes in the fron door and a small tweeter that goes somewhere else. Is this tweeter supposed to be the replacement for the dash speaker or is it in addition to the dash speaker?
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