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  1. I didn't know about the updated oil filter but I have used acdelco filters on this engine since I found out about the oil filters causing problems and yes I can the pid is correct with the gauge and the manual gauge I have put on it. I'm in North Carolina so its up and down in the winter I switch to 10w30 but the summer I have been switching to 15w40 and I don't take a chance on going on any long hauls
  2. I'll Mic the lifter bores when I get home and I take the engine back out and no this has been a 5w30 engine its whole life until after the AFM problem when I went to 15w40
  3. yea i bypassed the pressure relief originally then ended up taking my oil pan off my 6.0 and putting it on the truck thinking something was messed up with the pick up tube or something so i swapped the oil pan and the pick up tube and it still didn't change anything and the 6.0 was not a AFM motor so it didn't have the pressure relief inside the pan
  4. yea its just weird because before the lifter collapsed and while it was before I tore it apart it had good oil pressure do y'all think it could be the barbell maybe from how long it was sitting it dried out and causing some oil to bypass
  5. I did not measure the bores but the roller or nothing like that was bad it just collapsed that's why I did the conversion when I get home in October from Antarctica I'm taking the engine back out and going through the whole thing again this time I'm going to take the bottom end to my machine shop and have him rebuild it and mic everything to make sure everything is ok and I do have inspections I can pass them I clear it before I head there and all the parameters are set to pass emissions. it is aggravating with the AFM crap they are good engines but how much money I have in the delete and if
  6. JSdirt the valley cover is the one with the O-rings I don't have the factory vlom valley cover anymore. do you have any ideas of how something would get clogged just because of a dropped lifter and the screen has been gone when I originally changed the sensor I checked for one and there wasn't one in it
  7. 2007 suburban 5.3 AFM delete already done. I had one lifter collapse and did the delete now when cold I have 35 P.S.I. but when hot with 5w30 oil pressure drops to 5 P.S.I. I've replaced rods and mains cam bearing's, put the lingenfelter rivets in the towers, replaced the pump 3 times, changed the cam retainer plate, oil pressure switch, different oil filters multiple times. I turned up the idle when in gear to keep the oil pressure at 10 P.S.I. when idling. now to keep the oil pressure around 35 when cruising I'm running 15W40 I know that is some thick oil for the truck but it's either that o
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