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  1. Hi, I wanted to purchase an OBD2 scan tool but not spend an arm and a leg. Any suggestions on a good one for decent price? Thanks Huddle
  2. I actually did try this yesterday & still doesn't work. I will try again today to be sure. Thanks for your help Kevin
  3. Got a 2021 Sierra 1500...on the infotainment center (radio) i have a <-- and --> to scroll to the next available station. Is there a way to "Scan" where it will keep scrolling thru stations until you find what you want?? I know some vehicles have this but I can't find this in manual or online. Thanks Huddle
  4. That IS definitely something to think about. I appreciate your response. Matthew
  5. Hi guys/gals, I'm new to the forum. I had a question if anyone can help. I just bought a 2021 Sierra 1500 Elevation and currently don't have a garage to keep it in. Any suggestions on truck covers that are trustworthy of protecting my paint from the weather/elements?? Thank you for your help, Huddle
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