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  1. Only two ports to plug-in were underneath the console . One the main one that I plugged in under passenger seat and the other one is the one in previous picture. I took too of the console apart to see the wiring just in case I missed something but all the ports as you see in the new picture are accounted for and the single wire going towards the front is ending in the charger like port . I’m puzzled as well but this came out factory Silverado without any modifications.
  2. Rally6.2RST Thanks for all the info on the wireless pad conversion . I did switched the jumper seat to center floor console with the wireless pad already build in however having issue with 1 port. the harness ( 84482759) have 1 ending that's look like cell phone ( android) charging port . Im having issue locating where do I plugin this port onto my vehicle so that the wireless pad actually works? Hoping you can help me with this issue . Thanks
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