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  1. I seriously thought this was a joke. Can't believe how much they've improved this engine and I'm super jealous. However, my 2021 2.7L is good enough for my needs (especially given how hard it is to find a new truck). I hit the 5k mark and did my first oil change. 2.7L feels even smoother / slightly more powerful. Nice to see this type of innovation from GM. Will put pressure on all other manufacturers to step it up.
  2. How fast do you plan on driving and do you deal with a lot of hills? In the City the 2.7L has more than ample torque to cruise around and minimal turbo lag. On the highway I can easily hit 85mph with 4 passengers total and about 400 lbs of cargo in the bed, but that's on flat stretches. On steep hills I think the 5.3L will probably do better, but flip side is I believe you also take a hit on payload.
  3. At least here in Southern California Ford charges $995 for the 2.7L and $2,595 for the 3.5L Whereas Chevy gives you $2,000 back for choosing the 2.7L In that regard I don't think it's fair to compare the 3 engines. Both EcoBoosts are solid choices and the 3.5L is a beast of an engine. However, it really boils down to each person's needs. The 2.7L engine fits my needs really well and I can't say I miss the 3.5L. If I'm not mistaken you probably have the most miles on a 2.7L of anyone here and you drive in much tougher conditions than me. If you can manage with a 2.7L I think most city slickers should be fine.
  4. I've owned an F-150 with the 3.5L Ecoboost, 2 Rams with the old Hemi and etorque Hemi, and now the Silverado with the 2.7L. To be honest I chose the 2.7L because that's the only engine offered here in CA on 4wd custom crew cab models with the 6.5 bed. I was really expecting a rental car type engine, but to my surprise the the 2.7L is my second favorite behind the 3.5L Ecoboost and suits my driving style better than the Hemi. I drive a combination of heavy city traffic and 100+ mile highway trips about once a month. The 2.7L has enough power to easily hit 85mph without a trailer. The other thing I haven't seen people mention is the payload. Half ton trucks these days have really poor payload ratings. I think my F-150 was around 1,400 and the Ram was 1,500. The Silverado is the first half ton truck I've owned that has a payload close to 2,000 lbs. On top of that the front end of the truck feels really light with the 2.7L engine. Also, here in CA Chevy knocks $2k off MSRP for choosing the 2.7L engine. Really a solid value and I'm sold on turbo 4's. Wonder if we will ever get a twin turbo 4. About the only knock I have against the engine is that the 4 cylinder whine is a bit annoying when in tow haul mode. Otherwise the engine is super quiet and sometime completely silent when cruising at highway speeds.
  5. You're right. Capitol Chevy in Alabamy is selling for $4.00 off MSRP. That is literally $4.00 not $4k. Dangit, the Bama libs have done it again. New 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 For Sale in Montgomery, AL - Satin Steel Metallic (capitolchevrolet.com)
  6. Liberals driving up the price of full size trucks is the funniest s* I have ever heard. The situation in CA has nothing to do with libs and is no different than the PS5 or ammo shortage. Simply supply and demand. As long as you have greedy sellers and impatient buyers, you have rising prices. My brother bought an Explorer yesterday and I went with him to the dealership. Not an F-150 in sight. F-250 had a whopping $8,500 market adjustment. Rangers has a $2,500 market adjustment. Crazy times.
  7. My previous trucks to my 21 Silverado Custom crew cab were an 18 F-150 XLT crew cab and 19 Ram Rebel crew cab. I sold the F-150 because of the panoramic sunroof. Seemed like a great idea on paper, but ate into payload big time and started creaking endlessly at 25k miles. 3.5L eco boost was outstanding, but Ford didn’t offer a lot of value and I absolutely hated the F-150 bed design. I also got sick of the endless recalls. Ram Rebel had a nice interior, but seemed like Ram spent all the money inside vs outside. Ram body panels and tailgate felt very thin. The Ram factory sprayed bed liner looked like a DIY job. Ram Hemi and etorque seemed unrefined / dated. I absolutely hated the knob shifter and the useless 22 gallon gas tank. Ram bed wasn’t very innovative. Overall the Ram was a little gimmicky to me and all the fluff killed payload. The Silverado is the cheapest full size truck I’ve owned ($42k msrp vs $55k on the Ford and $53k on the Ram). I agree the interior isn’t on point at $60k+, but it works at $42k. The Silverado has very stout body panels, outstanding bed design, and I really like the exterior styling. The understated interior is plain, but the ergonomics are great. Only thing I don’t like is the occasionally rough shifting 8 speed tranny, halogen headlights, lack of steering wheel controls and the floaty ride. The 2.7L engine is superb, the 1900 lb payload is killer, 9k towing capacity is solid and 6.5ft bed is very practical. To me the Silverado is like a $99 Casio G-Shock watch, the F-150 is like a $299 Swiss divers watch and the Ram is like an Apple Watch. To each their own, but I guess I like my trucks like my watches.
  8. My lowly Custom trim crew cab ($42k MSRP) came with the bed power outlet, which is awesome considering my past $53k-$55k MSRP Ford and RAM half tons didn't. The bed power outlet is super useful to run a large car 65L fridge for long road trips. When I'm parked I just plug in the fridge to a portable battery station.
  9. Quality Chevy has a whopping zero in stock. For sure anyone that can wait to buy should wait. However, you might be waiting a while if you are looking for a 4wd crew cab.
  10. I would assuming they aren't going to tack on a bunch of BS add ons and they are giving you the full rebate. Chevy has already dropped rebate to $4k. Doesn't seem like inventory shortage will correct itself till next year at best. Dealer I bought from now shows only 4 in stock, all over $50k and the Trail Bosses have a "market adjustment" mark up of $5k. I don't feel so bad now for paying MSRP.
  11. Funny thing is that here in So Cal 4wd is also is super high demand. I've been told that Texans are fueling the demand for 4wds. Even at full MSRP the Silverado Custom 4wd is the cheapest half ton 4wd around. Heck, used 4wd Silverados (4 to 5 years old / 60 to 70k miles) are selling for $36k+ Insane.
  12. I picked up a 2021 Custom Crew Cab 6.5 ft 4wd in late March and paid MSRP, with about $800 of dealer BS add ons, still only $38.8k after rebate. I had to go about 80 miles out to find the exact truck I wanted. Local dealer had a whopping $4,000 of dealer add ons and very few dealers had 4wd in stock. What I think is happening is that most dealers of So Cal popular trucks (Tundra, F-150, etc.) have very few trucks under $50k in stock. Finding trucks over $50k doesn't seem to be a problem. Also, 4wd trucks are much harder to find than 2wd. The Silverado Custom 4wd crew cab seems to be the cheapest full size truck option available (outside of stripped down work trucks). Dealers are becoming much savvier and know how to flip pricing to line up with demand. Another local dealer went from $1k to $2k below MSRP to $1k to $2k above MSRP. Also, Ford is barely offering any discounts on the new F-150 and even at MSRP the Chevy is a much better value due to $4.4k rebate. I'm still shocked as to how many people are willing to drop $55k+ on a full size truck.
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