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  1. Wow! What a bummer, not happy GM has to take the whole truck apart to get this fixed... I guess you just have to pray you have a good tech doing all the work... I wonder how much work it is to get the camshaft position sensor out?? I'm about to get the bore scope out and give it a try.
  2. Bummer... It's crazy GM doesn't have a fix for this yet that dealers know about it. Please keep us updated.
  3. Same thing on my new 2021 Sierra Elevation with the 3.0L duramax. One time at about 500 miles, the next time at 4,000. Both times I had my socket set with me. I removed the battery cable for a few minutes and it started right up after that. The last time at 4,000 miles I torqued the x50a fuse block down. Seemed like they were way loose. Now have about 6,000 miles on the truck and it hasn't happened again.
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