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  1. Took the solenoids out and bench tested them as well as swapped solenoid a and b. Me and my dad also checked the plug that connects the trans harness to the main harness and it appears to be fine. Today or tomorrow, we will be checking all the wires on the main harness from the oil pressure sensor to the transmission and all the sensors and modules in between.
  2. Sounds like I am gonna have to check the wires from the oil pressure sensor down to the transmission. I wish I had a lift right about now lol. At some point this week I will crawl up under there and update as to what I find.
  3. I have recently changed the shift solenoids and the trans harness on my 04 Silverado 1500 5.3l engine. Now I have like 31 different codes that have showed up while using my scanner as well as the ABS light and E-brake light coming on. Which those 2 lights are causing me to have shifting issues as well [truck acts like it is in limp mode] The codes are P0327, P0740, P0753, P0758, P0785, P2761, U1041, P0128, P0719, P2610, P0116, P0125, P0420, P0430, P0442, P2771, P1810, P1574, P0894, P0757, P0756, P0752, P0751, P0742, P0741, P0568, P0567, P0530, P0496, P0455, and U1000. Any help with this would
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