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  1. Just curious. did you ever hear back on which engine manufacturing facility was given the N designation? thanks.
  2. Thanks! And...there are no lowly anythings when comes to good 'ole USA manufacturing.
  3. 100% certain. I've been under there 3 times now. It's definitely an N. I'd email GM but I have no idea who to email. The only other plant that builds the engine is the Spring Hill, TN plant but I couldn't find their letter code.
  4. I finally found it on the Denali and have two questions if you don't mind. My sticker reads N1211341CU8X0083. 1. Where is the "N" factory? I know the next few numbers are 1st shift, 2021, 134th day of the year. 2. What does the 1CU8X0083 mean? Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Can you repost the picture of the location? I'm having a heck of time locating this. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know how to see this? I think I know the location (on the side of the head case facing the driver), but there's just now way to see it. Maybe I could squeeze a mirror in between the engine and the wall but it's tight. Has anyone figured this out?
  7. I love my Denali. Love it! BUT...The interior lighting absolutely sucks. Want great interior lighting? Buy a Ram 1500 limited.
  8. One more question if I may... Is that engine build date or vehicle build date? is there much of a delay between the time you guys build them and the time they are installed at the plant in Arlington? I appreciate the response.
  9. Well that's great to know. I've got two '21's. A Silverado and my wife's Denali with the 6.2. I assume the Denali (build date 6/21) will be fine. Fingers crossed on the Silverado.
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