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  1. Hey everyone, I’ve searched these forums and have seen a number of people experiencing ESC/power steering/braking issues. But I have a question regarding my specific situation. Any feedback or advice would be appreciated! Drove to work yesterday morning, woke up to about 8 inches of unplowed snow (EARLY snowfall up here in Alaska). Truck performed fine, but during my commute the ESC light illuminated on the dash and the words “Service ESC” popped up on the display within the dash. Troubleshot the vehicle when I got to work with no resolution. This morning, the warnings stayed illuminated as I drove my truck. While I was on my way home from the store, the warnings went away, and the ESC light on the dash turned off as well. The vehicle seems to perform fine and currently displays no issues. My question: Can a problem like this just fix itself? I had a similar event with the check engine light last summer where it seems to have just self resolved. What do you all think? I have an appointment with the dealer in October. Wondering if it’s worth my time to take it to them if I’m no longer receiving warnings. Thanks for your time and input!
  2. Hey everyone, Thank you all for your responses! I think a little encouragement was what I needed. I absolutely love this truck and can deal with a couple of harsh shifts. I was just worried about long term damage as a result. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. Being new to the site, I am having issues figuring out how to reply to every single thread. That said, I appreciate everyone’s insight! Like I said, this issue doesn’t happen everyday, but certainly enough for me to notice. Hoping it resolves itself over time like some of you have mentioned!
  4. Hey there, absolutely no offense taken! I got in a surprise wreck last September which totaled my vehicle and put me in the market for a new one. For work purposes, I needed a replacement vehicle as soon as possible. The first dealership I went to was a GM dealer. Pulled the trigger on a silverado in more of a rushed fashion as the dealer was able to negotiate a price I wanted. I didn’t really put in the research that I would have liked to before getting the vehicle. Overall, I still love this vehicle and want to hang onto it. After experiencing some odd shifting, I researched a little more and found out a lot of people have these problems. My first vehicle ever was a 2002 silverado. I sold it a while back and have wanted another one ever since. These forums are tweaking me out a little bit to be honest and I am hopeful that this truck will be badass and serve me for many years! It is reassuring to see people aren’t having problems for the most part!
  5. Hello all, I have a 2020 Silverado RST 5.3 8 speed. I have read all about the problems with harsh shifting, clunking, etc.. I have experienced some of the issues myself and feel like I am hypersensitive with paying attention to gear changes while i drive. The hesitation/harsh shifts sometimes happen, the clunk sometimes happens. Not everyday, but often enough for me to notice. My question: Will this thing actually last or is it going to cause me a headache down the line? I’m not super savvy with transmissions, so this is why I ask. I want a solid, reliable truck that’s going to last me a long time with no issues. Will this thing last? Or should i dish this thing off and consider a different truck. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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