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  1. Yes, this sub, with the gain all the way up, way overpowers the rest of the speakers. It sounds like you've covered everything, and there is an issue with the amp. Please keep us updated on what you find.
  2. What trim level is your truck? Do you have the Bose system? Are you sure you were connected to the correct wires for the inputs? Do you have your head unit Fader/Balance/Basd adjusted in an extreme way(start them all at 0 until you've isolated this problem)that may be under/overdriving the speaker that the amp is getting input from? Switches 4-6 should all be in the Up position. Start with switches 1-3 also in the up position, without the control knob connected. This should give you tons of output from the sub, and be overpowering. You can then turn switches 1-3 down, up to having all three down to decrease the gain setting, and/or connect the control knob to adjust gain. Being that this is all plug & play, other than the speaker level inputs, I'd be suspect of them the most. If you do suspect it's out of phase, swap the two input wires, but that shouldn't result in a total lack of output.
  3. I will if I ever get time to actually do it. I've been so happy with the performance of the sub since getting the gain set up right that I haven't been too motivated to change anything.
  4. Yes, the signal sent to the factory sub already has a low pass filter, and possibly a subsonic filter. The right front speaker signal this kit uses is a full range signal. The amp in this kit does have a low pass crossover in it, although I feel it is set too high and/or has too mild of a slope, as it seems to let a little too much midbass(I'd guess in the 100hz range)through for my liking. When I have time I'll be swapping to the factory sub wires, and I think it should perform much better.
  5. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but everything I've read suggests the ANC is only an issue on the 2018 back trucks. I have ANC on my 2019, with the Kicker OEM sub, and I have no issues at all.
  6. First off, THANK YOU for this info! I was really disappointed in the performance of this sub as delivered. Gain was way too high, and way too much midbass coming through it. Searching on here helped me figure out roughly what the dipswitches do, but nobody ever definitively posted what they do. My emails to Stillwater have gone unanswered. This post helps so much. To expand a little, do you know what combo of switches 1-3 equals what gain levels? Is all three down the lowest, all three up the highest, and combinations in between are exactly that - in between? Is any combo of up/down the same, or do specific combos of the switches equal certain gain settings? For instance is any combo of one switch up, two down the same gain setting, regardless of which one is up, and which two are down? Hope that makes sense, the way I worded that. Do you have info on which color Kicker harness wires you hooked to which color factory sub wires? I'm concerned about phase in relation to the factory sub if they're "backwards", or maybe that isn't a concern. Lastly, did you leave the factory sub active, or did you actually cut the wires to it, and now only have the Kicker sub functioning? To touch on what I mentioned above, I feel like there could possibly be some weird phase/cancelation issues with both subs playing, having different frequency response curves(being two different size/design subs),although I don't seem to notice any of this so far with the standard install. Thanks again!
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