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  1. i wanted to change from the 6000 to either the 5600 or the 5200 because my front end is just too stiff. i know i bought a sierra 3500 but i never really carry weight on it. i just bought it because i like the truck and maybe one day i wanted to delete and tune and in my state you dont need emissions on a 3500 but you do on a 2500
  2. if i was to go down to a 5200, do you know if that would be a bad thing. i dont really tow that much. sometimes i tow my camper that weighs around 11000 lbs
  3. i have the pressure set to 50F 70R. i dont want to go any lower because it might set of the TPS light
  4. mine is the 6000. i looked at teh sticker that is on the torsion bar. mine came factory with teh snow plow prep
  5. if you can find the table that would be awesome. i looked the part number for my torsion bar and it says its for a 2wd gas. my truck is 4wd diesel. i could not find any info on what the stiffness of the oem torsion bars are. it would be nice to know how i can step down. people at the dealer are so dumb. you try to explain what you want, and first they dont know the answer and second they say you cannot change the torsion bar to something different from what the truck came with.
  6. Hi i have a 2021 sierra 3500 4x4 diesel with the snow prep package. My truck rides really stiff and im used to drive hd truck even though ive never owned one before. My friends f350 rides so much softer than mine. Anyways i wanted to soften the from suspension a little. Its hard to find info on torsion bars. From my understanding the snowprep package comes with heavier torsion bars. The part number on it for left side is 84745489. When i put that on gmc parts it says its for a 2wd truck. Weird. Wanted to know if anyone knows if the torsion bars for the 3500 and the 2500 was the same. Cognito make a softer rate torsion bar but its for all trucks 2500 and 3500 gas and diesel. Im afraid if i change to that it might be too soft. Now if the 3500 and the 2500 has different rates maybe i could go down to a 2500 spring rate. any help is appreciated.
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