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  1. I did some more investigating today trying to figure this out. It seems to come and go so I drove the truck on the road a while came home and jacked the axle off the ground and ran the truck. I didn't hear the noise but let it keep running. When I hear the clunk on the road it sounds like it's in sync with the revolution of the tires. While the truck was idleing in gear on the jack stands suddenly I heard it... a loud THUNK. After another 5 seconds or so it did it again. Sounded like it was coming from the transfer case. I cycled the transfer case through it's ranges, ran the truck in reverse, back forward, and even up through the gears and never heard the noise come back. One thing I did notice is that if I got on the brake pretty hard after running it up to about 50 mph on the jack stands the tires would stop, then a loud thump from under the truck. I am assuming the T-case is chain driven so it sounded and felt almost like there was a lot of slop in that chain.
  2. I have not checked for roundness but I would expect to feel something like that on the hwy. I too am leery that it may be diff related. What confuses me is that turning doesn't seem to change it and neither does throttle.
  3. I already tried that and couldn't replicate the sound.
  4. Searched through some other threads and didn't find anything that matches my symptoms. It's an 05 Silverado 3500 DRW 4x4. The only time I notice it is when going slow, as in walking speed, and either barely on the gas or at idle. It sounds like a solid clunk with about every rotation of the tire. I've jacked the truck up and ran it on jack stands, no noise. I've turned the wheels by hand on jack stands, no noise. I've removed the rear wheels to make sure there wasn't anything trapped. Crawled under the truck and the u-joints seem fine, even greased them while I was under there. Next on the list is to pull the hubs to see if maybe something in the parking brake has failed? Any more suggestions? It isn't spring related as I know there have been lots of issues around that. It doesn't seem to get better or worse when I turn. There is no vibration or noise going down the hwy. You can't really feel the clunk unless you are really really paying attention and the surface is smooth.
  5. Interesting, never seen a Bose without the A pillar speakers. Thanks!
  6. Recently bought an 04 Silverado 3500 LT with the 6.0 gas. I know there are several different bose setups but haven't found a straight answer. I've got the Bose RPO code and the door speaker grills say Bose but I don't have the "tweeters" in the a-pillars and no sub in the counsel. I pulled the A-pillars off to see if there was a plug behind them in case they were swapped out at some point but didn't see one unless it was tucked down behind the dash. So was this an optional bose setup?
  7. No more than 8%. As of right now I seem to have done something that fixed it. It still shows an occasional missfire on the scanner but it's not counting up so isn't triggering the check engine light. Going to throw a set of fresh plugs in it today. There is also an exhaust leak at the rear of the manifold from a missing bolt I need to tackle. Debating on if I should throw a set of headers on if I have to pull the manifold anyway.
  8. Ok I have done a bunch of reading and so far no luck. I have an 04 Silverado 3500 with the 6.0 I recently bought with a random missfire P0300. That’s the only code that shows up. The misfires are on both banks and primarily occur when I quickly depress the accelerator. I’ve got 60 psi fuel pressure and it holds steady at 55 when I shut the truck off. I did an injector flow balance and they look equal. Did the crank relearn procedure. Pulled one of the spark plugs and it looks lean. The 02 sensor readings look strange to me. The upstream ones bounce between mid 800’s and 200’s. Bank 1 down stream holds steady at idle around 150, Bank 2 is bellow 100. When I give it gas bank two mirrors the upstream one but bank one stays fairly steady in the mid 100’s. Any ideas?
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