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  1. I had a 2018 with 8 speed and was very unhappy with the transmission. It always worked, but was sometimes violent when shifting into gear from park. Even with letting the truck warm up. They did a fluid swap at 25,000 miles and it made it hunt around less resuming throttle from 5-10pmh turns when accelerating. I may have had a lemon, but my issues seem to have been common for 2018 8 speed (5.3 engine)
  2. yes, they replaced the motor mounts. No difference. Treating a symptom of the skip doesn't fix the problem. I believe its a known issue that they don't consider to be a problem. It was embarrassing when passengers noticed it. Only issue that truck ever had, I was happy with it overall. But I am glad its gone.
  3. Motor mounts don't help. I had to show the dealer that the truck had rough idle when in gear. They were observing in Park and it ran smooth. Traded the day after motor mounts didn't fix it. 2018 GMC 5.3L 8peed 4wd. Did the rough idle from 300 miles on. They wanted me to pay to have the fuel system cleaned at 35900 miles. I explained it was doing the rough idle on the first tank of fuel. Currently have 2021 GMC with 3.0 duramax. I have had enough of the GM gas engines. This one doesn't always start on the first try, but runs smooth as silk when its running.
  4. If it's a 2021 3.0L duramax it might not start the first time even with the key!!
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