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  1. Have you had any rubbing issues? I just got an '18 Z71 and looking at KO2s or Duratracs. I just got rid of a '99 Tahoe (Z71 retrofit) that I had 265/75r16s on. They rubbed slightly on the front of the lower control arms hard over, but only enough to polish the metal and rubber. But, that was also a far cheaper, older, less perfect truck when I got it. I didn't want to get rid of it because the engine and trans was low mileage, but it was getting to be a money pit.
  2. Being that it was a certified pre-owned with only 14,840 miles on it, I hope there's nothing obvious like that broken. But, then again, it looks like its been washed with a scouring pad. So they might have beat on it. I plan on going underneath when I get home at the end of the month to put rust converter on the few spots I see have a little rust starting. I'll make sure everything is in good shape while I'm down there. It doesn't sound heavy enough to be suspension or drive shaft, but light like the disks that come together when you put it reverse. So I think your original assessment mi
  3. Thanks. I hadn't thought about the possibility of the computer using a lowering brake line pressure as a time to prepare to move by slightly engaging the clutches to prevent rolling back. As a second generation truck driver, I only see a full size vehicle as just another car.. But, honing my driving skills since I was 12 on mechanically based full size Chevys and commercial trucks, I am finding these newer computer controlled vehicles designed for less efficient drivers get easily confused by my quick maneuvering.
  4. Just bought an '18 Z71 and have noticed this clang when going from D to R. I pushed it over 15k the first weekend, so it wasn't driven much its first three years. I used to shift before a full stop on my old Impalas until I found out how bad that was. Between 3 '70s Impalas a '92 Silverado and the '99 Tahoe I traded in for Z71, the only time I've heard this sound is when I accidentally (it truly was by accident) did a neutral drop in my '78 Impala and burned through all the clutch packs. This truck is going to cost more than all 15 cars my wife and I've bought in our lives, COMBINED, an
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