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  1. Sorry I should have mentioned that. It's for the 5.3L. 140767 is the part number.
  2. Short story: I did a single exhaust to dual exhaust conversion on my 2021 Silverado RST. I needed a new exhaust to complete the conversion and decided on a Borla Touring (which is basically a GM Performance). I bought it on May 4th, and had it installed on Thursday May 12th, 2022 (A few days ago as this writing). However, I am not a huge fan of extra noise and even more importantly my wife hates it. We routinely drive 2-6 hours every weekend and she is not happy that I had this installed. She says it's annoying. She is also not happy that I am spending thousands of dollars on a truck I just paid 55k for! I wanted to see if someone in the South Jersey / Philadelphia area wanted to do a one to one swap with me. I will take your OEM factory exhaust and you can have (for FREE) the Borla touring exhaust. I am willing to come to you (within reason) if you have the means to do the work yourself, or we can use my mechanic (He charged me $150 to install). Obviously, you need to have the OEM dual exhaust and in decent condition. (I understand it won't look like new). Or if you want not interested in swapping, let me know if you want to purchase it for $950 (what it will cost me to buy a factory exhaust). I live in Bellmawr, NJ right over the bridge from Philadelphia. If you are interested let me know. If you want the long story you can read that here:
  3. I have been looking since you mentioned that the first time. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will still have to sell the Borla exhaust so I figured maybe someone who doesn't have a wife would want to swap!
  4. My wife has zero interest in cars as anything other than a means of transportation. I need to buy a third car to play with... So I am hoping someone is open to a 1 to 1 trade. I really don't want to pay another $1000 for a stock exhaust.
  5. I thought about that. But I don't want to get into a thing where there are issues with droning, or loss of power, or whatever. I still have the stock muffler but I have heard a lot of people say that when you use the stock muffler without the resonators it creates drone in the cab. Honestly, this has turned from something of enjoyment into a nightmare. But the wife has a point. Her and the kids have to sit in the truck also.
  6. So I got the exhaust put on. Not a fan. More importantly my wife hates it and she has to sit in my truck for long drives (2-4 hours) every weekend. So now I am weighing my options. I was thinking about offering a 1 to 1 swap with anyone who wants the exhaust for their stock exhaust. Do you think anyone will take it? Anyway, thanks for all the help on this thread. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to work out.
  7. Thanks a million @newdude. However that part (84535834) says driver side heat shield. I just want to make sure I understood you correctly. From the description (and the photo) it sounds like it's for the driver side, not replacing the whole thing and covering both sides. Again, I really appreciate your help. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct thing.
  8. Thanks for the input. After talking to many people and doing a lot of research I decided to buy the Borla touring exhaust and ordered some factory hangers from gmpartsdirect. I have everything I need except one item. I need the heat shield that protects the spare tire from both sides. Right now the heat shield I have only covers the passenger side of the spare tire. I have searched, talked to the dealer where I bought my truck, etc.. Nobody can get me the part number for this heat shield. I was hoping @newdudecan help. Picture included because nobody seems to know what I am talking about.
  9. Can anyone recommend a reliable exhaust shop in South Jersey or Philadelphia area?
  10. I bought a 2021 RST and it came with the single exhaust. I really liked the look of the dual exhaust bumpers so I went on ebay and purchased one. I had the tips powder coated black and a local muffler shop redirect the single exhaust out of the right exhaust port. It's bothering me.. I want to swap out the pipes now for the factory dual exhaust. From what I can see I need: 1) Driver side exhaust hanger 2) Driver side spare tire exhaust heat shield 3) y pipe from muffler and tail pipes I called the dealer near me and asked for some part numbers and it was like I was asking for a kidney. I guess they are too busy to help me. I was wondering has anyone done anything like this here? I was hoping someone did and can share their experience and part numbers. Or if anyone removed their factory pipes I would be more than willing to buy them. Unfortunately I don't post enough to use the for sale / wanted forum. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Just for anyone wondering.... I have used it for a month or so now without issue. I have even used it on the ez pass express lanes (where you don't have to slow down) and it worked fine.
  12. I haven't tested it yet, but it is almost 100%. I used to keep it stuck to the inside top of the upper glove box and it worked fine there. The reason I moved it is because the double sided tape didn't hold well there and it kept falling out of the glove box every time I opened it. Where it is now has a lot less covering it than it did in the glove box.
  13. This isn't really a mod, but having that ugly white box on my windshield was killing me. I tried painting it black but you can still see it in the windshield fairly easily. I finally found an easy place to hide it and thought I would share. Feel free to flame me if I am being ridiculous. The dash trim above the cluster just pops off, no tools required. It has a great spot to hide the ez pass transponder and I will also be putting a couple of twenty dollar bills in there just in case.
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