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  1. I haven't tested it yet, but it is almost 100%. I used to keep it stuck to the inside top of the upper glove box and it worked fine there. The reason I moved it is because the double sided tape didn't hold well there and it kept falling out of the glove box every time I opened it. Where it is now has a lot less covering it than it did in the glove box.
  2. This isn't really a mod, but having that ugly white box on my windshield was killing me. I tried painting it black but you can still see it in the windshield fairly easily. I finally found an easy place to hide it and thought I would share. Feel free to flame me if I am being ridiculous. The dash trim above the cluster just pops off, no tools required. It has a great spot to hide the ez pass transponder and I will also be putting a couple of twenty dollar bills in there just in case.
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