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  1. nope when you push the power fold button the mirror will twitch but doesn't fold. standing outside by the mirror you hear the motor kick in for a second then quit(no grinding sounds and its got grease in there).. doesn't matter what position the mirror is in. i have searched and even popped the covers off and don't see how they come apart to check the gearing for the power fold. Anyone tear these things down to address a dead power fold function?
  2. ok guys ,I upgraded my 15 sierra slt to the full boat tow mirrors and all worked beautiful. well i came out of the store the other day and it appeared that someone walked into my pass side mirror .I've tried the reset procedure , and the mirror doesn't seem to want to move. it will move back and forth about a 1/2inch but that is it . I have read about a gear upgrade for the older power folding mirrors,but nothing for the tow mirrors. Any suggestions(other than replacing the whole mirror)?
  3. flying, i am about to do this upgrade and am having the issue of using the 4 mapt that came in the blower to the 3 pin stock sensor harness. i looked for preston moore on youtube and came up blank.can you steerme in alittle closer?
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