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  1. Look closer at my pics and youll see I have fender flares.
  2. Need shock options for 8"-9" lifts.

    Bilstein did at one time over a year ago but only made them as a special order for Cognito. It never became a staple part for them to offer the public.
  3. I really dont know. I would think not by how they bolt up.
  4. I did alot of trimming to fit my 38"x15.5 tires. Didnt take any how to pics, but best advise I can give you is dont be scared to do some cutting. Also its not noticeable at all if you have fender flares.
  5. Need shock options for 8"-9" lifts.

    No stess at all. I have a true 9" lift. No spacers full Diff drop. Fabtech Uniball upper control arms. My shafts are strait as a arrow. I made this thread because I dont like the Mcgaughy shocks.
  6. Need shock options for 8"-9" lifts.

    Not "Want"..Have. Need better shock is why I made this thread.
  7. Ive come to the realization that like most say the shocks that come with the 7-9 inch lift kits from Mcgauphys really do suck. Unfortunately I cant find any other shocks for 7-9 inches of lift. Any ideas guys?
  8. What's your rear fender height?

    I came in at 50.5".
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Thanks man. Lot of nice trucks in this thread.
  10. LOL. I know right! It had seriously 1,100 miles on the odometer when I did that. On the trail there was a 3 foot deep tire rute that once you got in it you where committed for the next 100 yards. Well it got real close to the tree line and yep. Scratched the side of the truck pretty good.
  11. Got them off ebay. There a good wheel. I spent seriously 5 mths. Looking for a rim that now one else had and wasnt chrome and wasnt all black.
  12. Stock wheels on lifted trucks!

    Like Payton said they where 20x9 and yes it would deffinitly rub with just a 3.5" lift.
  13. Here is some of last years mud
  14. Thanks for the positive comments guys. I did take it off road when I fist put the last lift on. Not with this set up as of yet. I do plan on taking it in a couple weeks to a local 4x4 park that has good trials and some deep mud.

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