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  1. Heads and Cam! I bet its a beast. Long-tubes would definitely open up that exhaust bottle neck. Thanks for the thought.
  2. Outlet wont matter for me. I can make any size outlet work. I just need a Y pipe. I cut mine up thinking I would be happy with the Longtube headers.
  3. Please don't remove this from this section Admin., I need this thread to help. I recently put Longtube headers and Catless Y-pipe on and its loader than I like. The problem is I cut my factory Y-pipe up to get it out. Im looking for a stock Y-pipe. Hell Id even be willing to trade my longtubes and Catless Y-pipe plus 300 on your end for just your stock Y-pipe. The Longtubes are Pacesetters and also the catless Y-pipe. Good quality Headers and y pipe. Im in Greenville South Carolina, but shipping is not a issue. I still have all the boxes the headers and Ypipe came in. Like I said good quality headers, just to loud for me. Im looking for just a stock Y-pipe 5.3 or 6.2 doesn't matter.
  4. Looking for stock Y-pipe. Any condition. Im in South Carolina.
  5. Sorry for the non response. Im a 3rd shifter.. You guys are a big help. Im definitely going 4.56 and will report back when its done. Im scheduled with East Coast Gear on the 24th for the install.
  6. Not sure what you mean. East Coast Gear told me I would be good to go. I do plan to stay the night in Raleigh so I will be driving around and letting the gears get heat cycles.
  7. Your right.. I changed my order with them this morning for 4.56 gears.
  8. I will not do what most have done with there gear threads. After I have gotten a feel for the temperament of the gears, I will post MPH and RPM comparisons.
  9. Your right, I noticed a few good threads that went no where. No fallow up or review. My final drive is .65 and I have punched in the numbers. It says with 4.10s I will be at 1,700 rpm doing 70 mph. 4.56 gears put me at 1,800 rpm at 70 mph. I like the 70 mph mark for gauging the highway drive ability. Might be wrong. Im unsure at the moment and hope to get more good feedback. Thanks for your input.
  10. Im really hoping someone has some RPM data to share. Id like to know what there real world feel is for 4.10 and the 8 speed transmission.
  11. Im scheduled to have my gears installed in 2 weeks by East Coast Gear Supply, and I have decided to go with 4.56 gears. I have a 2016 GMC 4x4 with a 10" lift and running 38" tires. I currently have 3.42 gears and it does "OK" as long as I keep it in tow haul mode. I was hoping someone who has the 8 speed transmission and 4.56 gears could chime in and give me some feed back. I also considered 4.10 gears, but I think 4.56 is the way to go for my set up.
  12. Anyone have the part numbers for the OEM ACdelco police package pads and rotors? I looked on rockauto and it seems there are multiple options.
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