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  1. As a follow up. It's been a couple of months now since the torque converter was replaced. I did not take it to a dealer for the simple reason the dealership quoted twice as much as a transmission specialist. The PO741 code has not returned and the 2017 Sierra 2500 has not had the shudder issue, which I noticed only a couple of times before replacement. I did ask, and was assured by the transmission shop, that the replacement torque converter was an updated one before the work was started. One way to check your transmission is by pulling the pan and checking the magnet for metal shavings. It's what the dealership was going to do in order to diagnose if it was the converter or trans, but I had already checked and found no shavings on the magnet. After the replacement I inquired into what shape the old torque converter was in. The tranny shop responded that looked okay, but the only way to know was to cut into it and look at the internal. On a side note: I just had the output seal of the 4wd transfer case replaced, which was likely disturbed when the shop pulled the drive line for the converter job, which can easily happen with such seals. All it takes is a tiny nick and it will leak. You may want to check for signs of leakage there. Hope this helps, RV Johnson --epic fantasy author
  2. That doesn't sound good at all. Dealer believes its the torque converter and I have an appointment with a tranny shop in 2 weeks to change it out. Though the truck still runs good with a reset, and only gains 2k rpm when the light comes on, I still wonder if its a solenoid in the valve body or a programming issue.
  3. Has anyone had a MIL code of P0741 "Torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck off" code come up? 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4wd crew cab has 108k miles on it when the the check engine light came on. Drained trans fluid and replaced filter. No metal on pan magnet and fluid looked okay. Reset code and it came back after 35 miles and only at freeway speeds. Has anyone else experienced this? --Update-- After a 2 week waiting period, 2 days in the shop, and 2k poorer, a new torque converter appears to have solved the issue as those on this great forum believed. The truck runs like new. RV Johnson
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