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  1. On my second 2021 3.0 Sierra with crank no start issues. First truck was taken back by dealership with x1 episode after reading this forum. Second truck same model has had x3 episodes now. Was scoped after second episode to diagnose bent Wheel. Wheel was not bent and shim installed. Yesterday was the 3rd episode of crank no start and will be getting pip5823A performed this Monday. Also mentioned the relay part and was told national back order but has one ordered. Everybody that is getting this service done needs to update this forum every 300-500mi or so we have paper tail for the dealerships. My dealership didn’t even know about the recent pip and it was bc of this forum I made them aware. Guys/gals it’s power in numbers that gets this fixed. I’ll update after my fix if it fails before the mi mark. Also I was in a hurry each time not hitting button first then brake to button sequence. Starts second try every time. Ttyl
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