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  1. Well went back into the shop and they're saying it needs a new power steering rack looks to be about $2000 smh. The 1st chevy I've owned and im in $3400 in 6 months pretty disappointed
  2. I have the same truck and was having the same issues I tried having the power steering module reprogrammed and it worked until I put the truck in 4wd then lost power steering. Long story short I took it into the dealership and they said the rack needs to be replaced $2000 I hope you have better luck
  3. So I tried me 4 wheel drive today and lost power steering again very disappointing seeing I bought it about 4 months ago and this is my 1st chevy. Anyone have any other ideas for me?
  4. Well finally got it in the shop. They reprogrammed the module and it cleared the code gotta wait and see if it stays gone ill update in a few weeks after the next snow probably. Thanks for the help it is appreciated
  5. It says power steering drive with care when it's in 2 wheel but when I switch it to 4 it says something else I can't do it rn because I need to drive home from work yet and if I switch it I won't have power steering
  6. Yes it says something about power steering something I can't think of the top of my head but if I leave it alone for like 12hrs the power steering works again
  7. So I know and see the power steering issues that are everywhere... but my power steering goes out whenever I put my 2017 silverado into 4 wheel drive does anyone have any suggestions?
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