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  1. I was actually thinking the very same thing regarding swapping the lens over from the donor...maybe even put some gauge covers on for something different. Thanks everyone for the replies. Anybody have an idea as to why the thing cracked? Perhaps when I remove the old one something will be obvious. -Matt
  2. Hi all, for some reason a few years ago my 08 Silverado gauge cluster started cracking. It has progressively gotten worse as all the faces are now spider webbed. I'd like to replace the cluster but was curious if a different cluster would register odometer miles from the donor vehicle, or would the mileage be stored in my vehicle computer?
  3. yeah.. think if she gets to see it she will have more ineterest...shes not opposed to the idea..but it will be a different story when I set sail in a few weeks. My cocnern is making a smooth transition for everybody involved....she talks to friends here and they tell her 'oh its not safe there,they have gangs....they have to put alarms in their houses'...blah blah blah. I went to LA years ago...had relatives in Watts...I being the white boy in the family...did not feel safe to say the least...but last year we went back..and it was alot different....still not some place I would move...but
  4. Higley...got it...thanks for the info...trying to convince the wife ...shes 42 and lived in this house in Saratga NY since she was 2yrs old...may be like trying to uproot a tree with my barehands!!LOL But this information certainly helps out!!
  5. thats good to hear!! I work as a general contractor here in NY.....cant get enough business to carry the 5-6 months of winter/ off season weather. Also have a background in auto body...but with the cold...its the same story...anything I could do is a temperature issue for too long during the cold months. I have a potential job lead in construction/remodelling work in AZ...and my uncle who I apprenticed under (in his body shop) lives in Tempe right now, might be able to help me get a shop up and running eventually. weather channel says its 70 and sunny there today...I woke up to -21* thi
  6. Mattallica


    any members from the Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert area ? I have an uncle that moved out to AZ a few years back...absolutely loves it. I'm thinking of joining him with the family from crusty old upstate NY....looking at taking a visit ,checking out the Gilbert/Chandler area? I have a wife and 3 kids...17/14/9 and obviously the environment for kids is a concern.I have a decent lead on employment if I go that way. Just curious what current residents might offer as advise/tips etc,..
  7. anybody run into this one yet? about a month ago the lense that covers the gauge clusters on my 08 gmt900 started cracking. I noticed one day while driving home that my lense was cracked almost 3/4 of the way across from left to right. This week I noticed that the smaller gauge clusters are getting cracks in them as well??? I have never taken the dash apart....the truck is a work truck but it never gets any serious abuse. anybody know of this happening on other trucks? its off the bumper2bumper warranty so I'm sure the stealership would fix it at my cost....I'll probably look into fixing
  8. Not sure if it was mentioned yet...but anything "Dodge"and /or "Hemi" related is top of my list. My wife drives an 04 Durango hemi.....16 plugs???...up under the firewall with 5 inches of access room..not even gonna tackle that one...... it took an hour to change the serpentine belt and that was $56 at the parts store??? hemi... +15 advertized hp -2mpg +$165 to buy spark plugs x2 the cost of average parts=WTF?? was I thinking???? I grew up a Ford guy becuase of my Dad....and as the rankings went GM was dead last in my book.......but having owned nearly 30 vehicles....the majority ended up
  9. my favorite is to be driving after dark after some clown plows out a driveway and leaves 2 snow banks across the road because he couldn't be bothered to clean the crap up.Plowing across a public road was illegal last I heard...maybe they should hand out fines to the clowns that cant be bothered to do the job right and create a driving hazard for the unwary motorist
  10. I just experienced this problem as of last week...at the rate my warranty is burning up..I better get it in to have it fixed...only about 2500 miles left on the bumper2bumper. good thread...glad I looked!!
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