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  1. Good question.. I can't believe I didn't try the old one...
  2. Not sure what ur asking. The new one did what the old one did.
  3. Still clicking after new encoder motor. Wiring?
  4. Tried the new encoder. No luck.. same thing clicking like crazy and doesn't shift just shows 4 low when it's really in 2wd.. I am at my whits end here! Lol every part is now new.
  5. It is not showing any tc codes. I am going to try a new encoder. Thank you for you help
  6. That's what I was thinking also. I have also heard you are not supposed to run the encoder when it's not installed on the tc. I didn't put this one on so I am thinking I will try a different one.
  7. I put it in 2wd and put encoder back on. Lights just flash on dash and then 4 low light stays on even though it's not in 4low. Obviously will not shift does nothing. And yes encoder still clicking even with truck off.
  8. Pulled the encoder motor of transfercase I can shift it manually. Does anyone know how hard it should be to shift? Seemed like it took a lot of force to shift it.
  9. Have shifted it like that. I will see if it will shift manually. Thank you
  10. Just changed it no flakes. What steps are u speaking of?
  11. Just got the truck not long ago was doing before parts. With the key out the transfer case motor will keep "clicking" like its trying to shift the case..there is no 4wd at all with not go in low or high. Have to take the fuse out or will just go and go. Could the case be broke stuck in 2wd?
  12. New to page thanks for any advise. 97 Sierra 4wd. Transfercase motor just clicks (even with ignition off) lights flash then stay on 4wd low. Never engages. Has new tccm, encoder/motor, switch on dash, front diff acuator, all fluids a full. Any ideas?
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