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  1. The tires I’m running are the same exact Michelin tires my dad’s 14 Sierra has with a very smooth ride. They are also brand new. When there’s smooth road the tires are awesome.
  2. Hey all, I've been loving the 2016 RCSB Silverado! Going on almost 3 months owning it and it's been nothing but a good truck. Have already put it to good use moving heavy stuff multiple times. The most I've done with it yet is haul about 1,200 lbs of flooring in the bed and it pulled along like a champ! I'm riding on 20" LTZ wheels on 275/55r 20 tires. When I got the truck, it seems as if someone had already put a rear leveling kit on it and removed the blocks underneath the rear end. Although the truck runs like a champ, I feel like any bump is amplified in the cab. We don't have the best highways and roads where I live in Santa Barbara County, but even my dad's 2014 Sierra LTZ rides MUCH smoother. The only suspension mod that would've been done to this truck is that leveling kit the previous owner must've put on. Don't know the brand and don't know how well it was installed anyways... Is there any remedy to this rough ride I experience? Again, I know it's a truck not a Cadillac, but even after dailying an 06 RCSB for 6 and a half years - that truck rode much smoother. I appreciate any tips you have for a much smoother and comfortable ride. I love this truck and want to make it a little more comfy especially since I commute about 45 miles round trip to work every day! I highly doubt that the stock shocks could be absolutely wore out by now? Especially since the truck only has 38K miles...
  3. Today I installed Belltech 2212FF shocks out back and I am loving the difference in handling! Whoever owned this truck before me definitely installed some type of leveling kit, as there isn’t as much rake as there would’ve been as a stock Silverado. Out back the handling was a little bumpy, but with the new 2212FF shocks - I can really tell the difference! Now I know (or at least I’ve heard) that when you drop the rear suspension, the front end will stiffen up. I can definitely feel stiffness in the front end. I believe the drop the previous owner did was 3” due to the absence of the factory block. Will coil-overs alleviate any of the front end stiffness I am experiencing? If so, what do you recommend? It would be cool if they even had a shock that I can use to drop the front a little even. Thanks for any advice! Once again, looking for coil overs for the front, as it’s been stiffened up by the rear being dropped (leveled.)
  4. I’m not too sure how they would polish out! I’d do it with caution if you ever decided to. The ones I have are actual Chrome. Beautiful truck though my man! You’re not copying at all lol. Are you running stock 275/55 20 tires?
  5. Here you go https://ezdealin.com/new-set-of-four-chevy-new-style-ltz-chrome-20-wheels/
  6. As some of you may know, I upgraded the factory 17” wheels on my RCSB Silverado to Chrome LTZ style wheels from OE Wheels. I foolishly bought Goodyear Eagle GT-II 275/45r 20s and WOW - what a cruddy ride First of all, the shop that installed these tires on the rims didn’t even BALANCE my wheels. So not only does a tiny tire ride bad in the RCSB but we have added vibration from non balanced rims / tires. It was a whole mess. Wasted more of my time by having the tires balanced only to realize that these tires in general were no good for the truck. Here are the Goodyears. Maybe some of you have good luck running 275/45’s or maybe I just got a bad set? All in all it seems like my lack of sidewall on a big truck with stock suspension really just wasn’t it… So I took these rims and tires off and THANKFULLY I hadn’t sold the stock set. Immediately restored a comfortable ride. I hopped onto Costco.com and purchased the correct 275/55r 20’s and waited about a week for them to come in. I decided to go with Michelin Defender LTX’s and man what a difference in ride. I also like the fact that it fills up the wheel wells more. Crazy what 1” of sidewall can do… initially I wanted to throw all kinds of money at the truck; 4/6 drop, tonneau cover, bed liner etc etc. The more I thought about it the more I concluded that I shouldn’t mess with such a nice truck (at least for now.) For ONE, seeing how going from a stock tire size to one used by some on their dropped trucks really affected my ride quality - it kinda scared me away from the idea of altering the suspension even more. If I’m going to drop the truck, I need a lot in proper suspension upgrades to be able to handle lower profile tires and just living with driving a dropped truck on the daily. Which brings me to my next point, it’s my daily driver. I’d rather put my money into my lowrider project and slam the heck out of that and enjoy that car in my free time. The 2016 RCSB Silverado is a gorgeous truck! The new tires really make it stand out and so do those chrome rims. I’m a tall guy so the height doesn’t bother me. In fact I really love the stock height… She looks awesome on 275/55r 20’s and chrome wheels!! I do however want to do a rear leveling kit. I have since ordered Belltech drop shackles, a 2° pinion angle shim kit, and Belltech performance shocks. Still need to install it, however I prefer a pro to take on the job! Just today I took the truck in to our local Line-X and had the Premium bed liner sprayed in. All I can say is WOW. It makes the truck look a whole lot nicer. Plus, it’s going to be nice having that protection out back for whenever I do haul something. All in all, I’ve been super happy with the truck and these subtle mods have really made it more my style! I can’t wait to have a leveling kit on it. Then later on I definitely want a tri-fold tonneau cover.
  7. No, thanks for being able to let me know that! That really explains a lot of the trouble I’m having. Looks like I’ll have to find a way to sell these and get at least some money back. I should’ve went with a Michelin 265/50r 20. Actually I’m not even sure what lowered guys on 4/6’s run with 20’s!
  8. Definitely gonna do that then! And definitely once I get some more $$$ gonna get new tires. These look cool but eh the ride isn’t worth it. I had a GMT800 (06 RCSB Silverado WT) and this is the wheel and tire combo I wanted. I know a lot of guys run 275/45 20 on GMT800s so I thought we’ll since i don’t have the cateye anymore might as well do it to the K2XX I’m a noob to trucks so yeah I guess I didn’t think that over lol. I’m so used to tuning with carburetors and lowering with blocks and cutting springs this is all brand new to me !
  9. I think we’re on the same page. The air dam I was talking about is the lower part of the plastic lower bumper that can detach. It’s a really skinny long piece
  10. Thanks ! That's good to know. Honestly I think I might regret my tire size choice lol. I took the tires in for balancing but man they still get bumpy on the freeway. Dunno if it's the tread or not. I'll see how long I can live with it. Might upgrade to Michelin Defender LTX 265/50r 20 in the near future. Rn I have Goodyear Eagle GT II. The air dam I mentioned is the lower part of the bumper that seems like it'd get hammered on steep dips and driveways , mine actually looks like the previous owner might've jumped a curb at some point cause the passenger side looks a little shredded lol
  11. Wow nice! That looks awesome. Maybe I just will do the 4/6… everyone says I should so I think I’ll listen to them lol. I bought the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator this morning so I can correct the speedometer. Didn’t think the difference in tire size would make the speedo be off by as much as it is. It’s only about 3 MPH on the freeway but in the end I would just rather have the truck running good and shifting right ! Do you remove the lower air dam on the bumper for more clearance?
  12. I love the look of a 4/6!!! It’s what I really wanted but I only worry about clearance issues. We have a lot of dips around here and I drive a lot of freeway miles. I do plan on installing helper bags ! But as for front clearance I’m unsure
  13. Upgraded to 20” Chrome LTZ rims and low profile tires! Love the look. Looking at it now I think I would have gone with a tire that has a bit more sidewall. At first, the tire shop I had install these tires don’t even BALANCE them! They rode terrible. Afterwards, it’s a whole lot smoother. Only thing is that now because of the low profile the ride is still a little rough. Mainly on stretches of freeway that aren’t so smooth… Nothing I can’t live with! I’ve been debating between 4/6 and 3/5 drop for the longest but I think I’m just going to start at a 3/5 for now and eventually get a little bit more beefier tires. Maybe a 265/50r 20
  14. Now THAT is gorgeous man. Heck yeah! Hope it happens some day for you!
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