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  1. If I'm in the incorrect subform, please direct me to the correct one. I just want to drive a safe-as-can-be truck, and was looking for some experience or advice. I'm going to ask about this if the parts are the same... I would think they could pull that harness of a truck on the lot and get you on your way and just pull that truck from the lot until they can get a harness.
  2. Part Number Part Name Price Quantity Total 23252400 Harness $69.52 1 $69.52 84081306 F Harness $32.97 1 $32.97
  3. Hi all - About 3 weeks ago, I got a notification of Service Safety Restraint System on my 2019 Silverado HD (~53,000 mi). I checked the forum, and there was a topic regarding the issue, with the problem linked to a few things with the airbag system. I took my truck to the local dealership in Meridian, ID, and they determined it was a wiring harness under the passenger seat. As a result of the failed harness, the entire airbag system malfunctioned. I urgently wanted to have the repair, but the parts are not available. Given the airbags are not operating, I contacted GMC customer service through chat, and my issue was elevated. Surprisingly, I've received two calls from GMC customer service explaining the part is unavailable and they do not know when it will be available. I understand there are issues with supply chain, but man, the is the entire airbag system is out because of a $70 wire harness. I doubt I'd find a buyer if I needed to sell, and after a fatal accident close to home on Christmas day, I can't say I'm thrilled driving around. Am I crazy to expect GMC to offer more given the safety issue with my truck? Or do I need to drive this truck at my own risk until the part becomes available? I've never had an issue repairing a vehicle, and I've never had an issue with the airbag system, so this is new for me.
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