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  1. Found it. Down a little deeper than I was looking the first time. Cleaned it up and still no change. Guess I will have to take it some where for a diagnosis.
  2. Great, thank you. Guess I will pull the dash cover again and have another look.
  3. Thanks...is there a diagram by chance? When I had the dash cover off, the one on the passenger side at the base of the A pillar was easy to find. I looked pretty extensively on the driver side and couldnt find a stud or anything that looked like a ground point with anything attached. Is the one at the bottom of the B pillar just for the seats? Thanks in advance!
  4. Another question...anyone have a pic of the ground point under the dash on the drivers side? G203 possibly? When I had the dash cover off I found the ground point on the passenger side with two smaller wires. Cleaned up that connection with no change. Looking on the drivers side I could not find anything that looked like a ground connection under the dadh cover. Checked behind the light switch/AC vent and even behind the kick panel near the floor...nothing.
  5. I have an 01 1500HD with about 110k on it. I have owned it for 1.5yrs and when I first got it the DRLs and auto headlights worked properly. A while back I started having the headlights turn on evertime I started the truck (day or night) and have to do the dome override all the time. I have done a ton of searching/reading and done the following: I changed DRL bulbs - nothing. Sockets looked burned so I changed them - nothing. Checked fuses and swapped relays - nothing. Put a new ambient light sensor in - nothing. Finally tried a new headlight switch - still nothing. Pulled the BCM to see if there were any cracked solder joints or anything looked burned - nothing. Tried cleaning ground points and ran a few redundant ground lines for battery/body/frame - nothing. Codes from the BCM are: B1477 B2585 B2617 B2647 B3102 I dont seem to have any other weird electrical issues that would lead me to believe the BCM is bad.... Does the Ambient light sensor route thru the BCM and headlight switch only or does it go thru the HVAC controls as well? Any other ideas? I would like to avoid paying to have it fixed if I can do it myself, but I am at a loss. Thanks!
  6. oil pan

    Rear main requires dropping the transmission from the engine in order to access. The speed sensors are either connected to the tailshaft of the tranny or to the transfer case if equipped. When I replaced the tranny in my old 99 silverado I had similar issues to what you describe due to hooking up the wiring harness to the wrong sensors. 4x4 has three speed sensors in the transfer case all with the same connectors. Changed my connections and all was good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Transmission swap

    Service 4wd won't keep you from moving. Get the codes read to narrow down whats causing the CEL. I would guess that a plug/wire is either broken or in the wrong spot.
  8. Transmission swap

    Make sure your fluid level is good. If its low you wont get enough internal pressure to get things moving. Is it the 'service 4wd' message or the ABS/brake light?
  9. Transmission swap

    I had an issue when I swapped the tranny in my 99 silverado. Mine is 4wd and I had incorrectly connected the three speed sensors on the transfer case tail housing. Had brake warning lights on and wouldnt shift out of first. Check those sensor connections.
  10. AC Won't Blow on 5

    Check the fuse in the underhood block. I had the same issue on my 99 Silverado. Blower motor resistor did nothing for hi speed. Checked the fuses and found there wasn't even a fuse plugged in. Put one in and it works!
  11. Leaks

    Thanks for the info....on the oil cooler gasket, can I change it without draining the oil since its above the pan?
  12. Leaks

    Anyone have the OEM part #s for the water pump and power steering pump?
  13. Leaks

    Oh here is the pic of the oil filter plate area.
  14. Leaks

    99 Silverado Z71 w/ 5.3, I bought it back in May and knew I had a leak from the driver side front axle seal. Recently I have been noticing a second spot underneath on the driveway. Got under neath and see the rear bottom of the engine coated in oil. Closer look shows what looks like a leak from the oil filter adapter plate? Was surprised I didnt have the oil cooler lines. While under the front it looked like the power steering pump or lines were leaking. Took off the plastic plate under the front and saw this: And this: Water pump starting to go? So my questions are: Is that the oil filter adapter leaking and is the repair just the O rings? Is it the power steering pump leaking or maybe just a seal? How big of a job is that? How difficult is the water pump? I am fairly mechanically inclined and enjoy fixing stuff especially on vehicles. However some things arent worth the time/effort. Thanks for any assistance/info.

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