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  1. No this truck is rear wheel drive. I do have a set of studded winter tires on seperate rims for winter use, which do help greatly.
  2. I live in Canada and have a RWD Sierra with an open differential. I've gotten through the winters with snow tires and some weight in the bed, but I'm looking to improve traction and would appreciate opinions on the best differential for use in the snow. Once I get moving, the snow tires, weight and momentum work great, I have no issues staying on the road. Its when I have to get moving from a dead stop, or have to go up a steep road that traction can become an issue. From what I've read a lot of people like the Detroit Truetrac, but unfortunately Eaton doesn't list the Truetrac for my truck with the 8.5" 10 bolt differential. The best alternative I can find is the Powertrax GT201030 which is another helical gear style LSD. I'm also looking at the G80 gov lock. I take it pretty easy on the gas pedal, so I'm not overly concerned about the durability issues with the G80 - I'm focused on what would offer the most traction to get up a steep snow covered road or what would help me get moving from a stop. Thanks for any help or opinions
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