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  1. I have 15 silverado with 5.3, I have a misfire on cylinder 7 code along with rough idle and lean on that bank. No ticking and I have low compression on number 7 (70 psi) I suspect lifter but if you have any other suggestions let me know please. Also, what parts do I need to change the lifter on the one bank? Money is tight so I will be restricted ro doing the one side instead of both. Thanks in advance for any reply
  2. Thanks for the reply, sure would be disappointing to see lifter problem at 68k miles. I suppose I'll try a compression test tomorrow and see what's up.
  3. Hey guys, new to the whole forum thing so bear with me. I just purchased a 2015 LT silverado with 5.3 ecotech about 2 months ago. The other night the check engine light came on and started to miss, then the traction control light came on. I only have a cheap scanner that tells me the number, which was misfire on cylinder 7. The next morning, I swapped coil, plug, and wire to cylinder 1 and drove down street and nothing changed, still misfire on cylinder 7. I should note that the truck sounds great when it's first started until it comes off high idle and then the miss. Does this sound like an injector to you guys?
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