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  1. Yes, the trailer plug is factory. The wires are all correct, I did continuity check from brakes to the plug term box and to the plug.
  2. 2006 1500HD. I rebuilt a trailer, first time towing it was with an 02 Ram and the brakes did not work (even with the override) When I got my truck back, hooked it up and same thing. I adjusted the brakes (brand new) until the wheel was tight and backed off one notch. Still no brakes even with override. I checked voltage at the truck without the trailer plugged in and getting 9V once controller override is pressed, then the voltage drops to about 3v. I have read that the voltage drops from the speed senors in the wheel not seeing the truck rolling, the brake controller works on a friend's trailer. Any ideas? Only thing I can think is the truck has a bad ground to the harness.
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