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  1. 1989 Silverado: Ran great, looked pretty sexy (I miss red interiors). The only problem was the decapi-seats with no head support above the elbows. 1997 Sierra SLE: Ran like a dream, fast as hell. At 255hp it could destroy Hemis? It was a freak. Would Peel out and sqwak the rubber in 2nd, and sometimes 3rd too. The truck had 280,000kms on it and still drove like it was new when I sold it. Red on red. Definatley sexy. 1986 GMC 'burbun: Started better then my GTP, and was a great hauler. Got about 4mpg on the highway. 2007 GMC Sierra GMT-900: Barely gets better gas mileage than the 'burban I just towed a 1100lbs trailer yesterday on the flattest landscape known to man. 50mph and averaged about 13mpg. I was more impressed with the 1997 Sierra for towing. Still love her though. Just going to have to reprogram the tranny a little. (Goes into second at 50 mph and holds 5500RPMS uphills, and sucks the fuel.)
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