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  1. I replaced the vss sensor in the transfer case today. I haven't had the speedo issue happen yet, but I still have the abs issue. A front VSS eh? Where is that located? Know the part no.? My truck does not have stabili-trak. Is there any other VSS sensors on my truck other than the transfer case? My dealer's parts guy said that my truck only has one, and that's the transfer case one? It's awesome trying to fix an electric issue when there's no codes being thrown
  2. Hi Guys. I have a 2007 GMT-900. Z71 w/ 5.3L I recently replaced my front rotors with slotted discs. About 3 weeks later my ABS started to go on at low speeds just before the complete stop (it would vibrate the pedal just before stopping) A few weeks after that, I was driving along and after a complete stop my speedo started to fail and read zero and the truck would not shift out of first (it would rev to 6000 rpms) The truck moves, probably goes about 15mph but reads zero, and RPMs skyrocket. This issue does not occur if I am out of first gear, and driving. Only after a complete stop. Another complete stop seems to reset everything and it works again. The ABS issue happens all the time, but the speedo / shift issue only occurs once in a while. Maybe 3-4 times a week. I have replaced the slotted rotors with standard ones, but the ABS and speedo / shift issue still persists. Anybody else have this problem?
  3. 1989 Silverado: Ran great, looked pretty sexy (I miss red interiors). The only problem was the decapi-seats with no head support above the elbows. 1997 Sierra SLE: Ran like a dream, fast as hell. At 255hp it could destroy Hemis? It was a freak. Would Peel out and sqwak the rubber in 2nd, and sometimes 3rd too. The truck had 280,000kms on it and still drove like it was new when I sold it. Red on red. Definatley sexy. 1986 GMC 'burbun: Started better then my GTP, and was a great hauler. Got about 4mpg on the highway. 2007 GMC Sierra GMT-900: Barely gets better gas mileage than the 'burban I just towed a 1100lbs trailer yesterday on the flattest landscape known to man. 50mph and averaged about 13mpg. I was more impressed with the 1997 Sierra for towing. Still love her though. Just going to have to reprogram the tranny a little. (Goes into second at 50 mph and holds 5500RPMS uphills, and sucks the fuel.)

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