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  1. Attached is a pic of the Def fluid tank located above the spare tire. Inside is a sensor, that went bad. Had to replace the sensor.
  2. I drive this truck, EVERY DAY, and a hundred miles per day. I am governed down to 55mph now! haha! There has got to be something wrong with the truck! I made an appointment monday morning to drop truck off and get it worked on.
  3. New to me truck with 25K miles just flashed this code. With P204B Error Code Stopped by dealer and they said "Regen needed" I have had the truck for two months, plenty of Def fluid and was planning on taking a trip this weekend. Thanks for your advise.
  4. 140,000 miles. Quart of oil every 1000 miles. Dealer did a top engine re-build at 60k and it's back. Stuck piston rings is there excuse now, told me to pour marvels mystery oil in spark plug hole to help eat away carbon. Just keep adding oil and driving.
  5. I have been thinking about this, and I think this may of been a common thing because there is a heat shield over the coil (I think that's the correct name). I took the starter off, and checked the connections, however the exhaust is 2" from the starter, so obviously the heat from the exhaust is effecting the starter. Thanks to the people who have viewed this post, hopefully I can find a solution.
  6. I have had this problem for a long time, but it has never bothered me until lately. During the winter, I have no issues, but the summer is a different story. New battery was my first step, installed a Gel Red top. Get in, drive, enjoy your ride but when you get to your destination turn off the truck and BOOM, your screwed. I usually wait about 15 minutes and when I turn the key the truck starts like nothing is wrong. Usually, what I do is get mad, and rattle the battery, and that has made it start. Usually, just opening the hood and cussing has made it start, but that doesn't always work. Well, I just crawled under the truck and took the starter loose in hope I would find a loose connection on the starter. It was tight. For some reason, I have heard a tick, and after it ticks the truck will start. The tick sounds to be coming from close to the battery bay, but I am not sure. So, I wait until it cools off, and it will start right up and drive. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. GM Part # 15226270 $20 on Amazon.com Also, just found TPMS GM part#13586335 on amazon for $34 ea!
  8. I broke my parking break release, and need to replace the cable. It took me less than 10 minutes to get it off, but I was hoping to only have to replace the cable. Any part numbers will be apreciated!
  9. I have one acting up, giving me false readings 0psi to 99psi. I have NEVER replaced them, however Napa has them for $42 ea. There units are also sealed. Can anyone give me any advice on this?
  10. Benson NC, but work in Four Oaks
  11. BCM, right, that's making this even more complicated. It'd be nice if you could hook this up to a PC and edit it. Just like how you use the DIC to display info on the dash.
  12. The Light Control Module. (I've found that relays etc do not control lights at all, it's the LCM) The LCM tells which lights to be on period!!!!...... Shame it doens't have a serial connector and some simple software available. I'd fix it easily!
  13. M.Cueva, if you have a few mins, how about some info about the LCM. I know it's probably sealed tight, and impossible to get to, however asking questions may get me closer to figuring this out. I have no idea how complex or simple it is, but I'd like to know.
  14. I"m trying to figure out what's causing the fog lights to go off when main beam comes on. I'm thinking, we can buy a $10 relay and replace the stock one with this different one. Also, someone else on here wants fog lights to come on whenever a the lights are on. Either way, I apreaciate you taking the time.
  15. Sweet, I just want to figure out whats triggering what so we can hopefully Modify the problem without having to Splice into too many wires. Thanks
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